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Thái Lan | 2022

Hitachi Blood Hero

Hitachi Blood Hero was held on 2 and 8 February…
Thái Lan | 2022

Powering Good for Thai Citizens Through the Pandemic

With Thailand facing a continued wave of COVID-19 infections and…
Singapore | 2020

Spreading Love and Joy to Everyone this Christmas

Hitachi Lights Up Orchard Road in Singapore for the 30th Year The annual Christmas Light-Up at Singapore’s most popular shopping street at Orchard is an event that is much anticipated by those living in Singapore, as well as visitors to the country. With the COVID-19 situation, it was without a doubt that everyone’s life had been affected in more ways than one...
Thái Lan | 2020


Thái Lan | 2020

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum

Themed ‘Powering Good, Powering Thailand’, the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum…
Singapore | 2019

The Greatest Gift

Hitachi Lights Up Orchard Road in Singapore for the 29th…

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