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Singapore | 2022

Powering Good Within the Community

Taking to Singapore’s top shopping, dining and entertainment street with…
Singapore | 2021

Hitachi Plays Santa 2021 Cooking from the Heart

Hitachi Plays Santa returns for the fifth year in 2021…
Thái Lan | 2020


METALEX is an annual platform for the metalworking community in ASEAN. The 34th edition of the machine tools & metalworking exhibition featured over 3,300 items...
Singapore | 2019

The Greatest Gift

Indonesia | 2019

Digital Transformation For Your Business

Hitachi Seminar in Jakarta 2019 was held at Crowne Plaza…
Singapore | 2019

Hitachi Plays Santa 2019 -Powering Good Starts Within-

Together with the Hitachi Group of Companies (GoCs) in Singapore,…

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