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Hitachi High-Tech recognized as CDP Supplier Engagement Leader 2021 (PDF Type, 201kbytes)

February 17, 2022

Hitachi High-Tech recognized as
CDP Supplier Engagement Leader 2021

Evaluated on efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain

Tokyo, February 17, 2022 − Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (“Hitachi High-Tech”) today announced that it was recognized as Supplier Engagement Leader, the highest rating in the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) assessment performed by CDP*1, a non-profit organization headquartered in the UK that conducts global environmental surveys and discloses information. This is the first time we have been selected for our actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the entire Hitachi High-Tech supply chain. The companies chosen for the Leaderboard in FY2021 were those that made the top 8% in rankings − approximately 500 companies in total (105 of whom are Japanese companies).

In December 2021, Hitachi High-Tech was recognized by CDP for both our initiatives in climate change and in water security with the second-highest leadership level: the “A- List”. Our recently achieved Leaderboard ranking comes in addition to this A- List certification.

About CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating (SER)

The Supplier Engagement Rating evaluates how effectively companies are collaborating with suppliers to tackle the challenges of climate change. Companies who complete the full CDP Climate Change Questionnaire will be evaluated based on their responses to questions from four areas: “Governance,” “Targets,” “Scope 3 Emissions” and “Supplier Engagement.”

Hitachi High-Tech’s Environmental Initiatives

As a member of the wider Hitachi Group, Hitachi High-Tech Group is pushing forward with efforts to achieve carbon neutral status in our factories and offices by FY2030 and throughout our entire value chain by FY2050, all in service of our environmental vision and fulfilling the Long-term Environment Targets put forth in Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050*2. Through these efforts, Hitachi High-Tech has achieved carbon neutrality in four facilities since 2018.

Hitachi High-Tech is also working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout our whole supply chain. Specifically, the Hitachi Green Procurement Guidelines*3 are shared with our procurement partners and other such companies that we work with, and by calling on them to promote environmental conservation and reduce environmental impact we compel them to make efforts in tackling climate change, such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

On the back of this encouraging SER Leaderboard ranking, Hitachi High-Tech Group will, together with our fellow Group companies and partners, promote carbon neutral initiatives and continue to aim toward creating social and environmental value.

*1 CDP: CDP is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and disclose information on the efforts taken by businesses and communities in tackling environmental issues, including climate change, water security and forest conservation, based on requests from figures around the world who are highly concerned with environmental issues, such as institutional investors. Established in the UK in 2000, CDP collects, analyzes, and evaluates information on the environmental efforts of major companies around the world, and annually designates an “A List” of companies that were the most outstanding in their initiatives and information transparency in climate change, water security and forest conservation.
*2 Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050: Long-term goals established to aim toward building a “decarbonized society,” a
“resource efficient society” and a “harmonized society with nature” by 2050, set out under the vision that “Hitachi will resolve
environmental issues and achieve both a higher quality of life and a sustainable society through its Social Innovation Business in collaborative creation with its stakeholders,” which Hitachi instituted as its Environmental Vision.
Environmental Vision and Long-term Environmental Targets
*3 Hitachi Green Procurement Guidelines: A booklet shared with our procurement partners that summarizes our fundamental views on the procurement of components and products with consideration to the Earth’s environment by our subsidiaries, our requirements of our procurement partners and other such matters. The conduct expected from procurement partners is summarized in the Hitachi Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, and the operational guidelines for substantive “green” procurement listed in the Hitachi Green Procurement Guidelines. This provides our procurement partners with a clear and easy-to-understand overview of the Hitachi Group’s initiatives and requirements.
Sustainable Procurement

Hitachi High-Tech’s Materiality 1: Contributing to a Sustainable Global Environment

Hitachi High-Tech Group has identified five themes of Materiality based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are priority issues for resolving social issues. One of our identified Materiality is “Contributing to the Sustainable Global Environment,” involving initiatives for realizing a decarbonized society and other such measures in combating climate change.

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