We are well-positioned to bringing Social Innovation to Asia.

At Hitachi, with our Mission of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products in mind, we engage in Social Innovation Business on a global basis. By combining advanced IT with OT (operational technologies) and products/systems, we provide to create a future where people can live safer and richer lives. Moving forward, we will take our Social Innovation Business to a more advanced phase with enhanced digital technologies to accelerate “collaborative creation,” tackling shared issues and crafting solutions together with our customers and partners.

Message from Chairman

Kojin Nakakita

“Together with our stakeholders, we
hope to build a more sustainable
society for our future generations to
live in by protecting Earth’s limited

Hitachi in Asia

Consisting of 138 individual companies and supported by the diversity and passion of 33,310 employees, Hitachi Asia Ltd. has offices across 7 Asean Countries as of March 2022. Hitachi Group in Asia delivers the Asian operations of the global Hitachi Group.

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Hitachi in Asia

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Download the 2022 corporate presentation for an overview of Hitachi’s global business,
history and direction. The second half outlines Hitachi’s Asian presence and companies.

Hitachi in Asia

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Hitachi in Asia operates across 7 Asian countries. Use the directory to
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