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Risk Simulator

We partner with insurers to acquire customers and bring wider cover coverage to communities.

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Acquiring the Right Customers for Insurers

Many insurance companies face challenges in customer acquisition and risk mitigation.

Insurers need to provide the right coverage to the right individuals, which can be difficult without data-driven insights. Risk Simulator analyses the existing health data of customers to better estimate their health risks.

This allows insurance firms to find the right prospects, lower healthcare costs and widen coverage for customers.

Powered by Predictive AI

Through our Risk Simulator, insurers will be able to evaluate health and hospitalisation risks across eight major lifestyle-related diseases together with over 200 parameters from customers’ medical history and health checks.

This seeks to more accurately:

  • Estimate the hospitalisation cost
  • Design more comprehensive policies
  • Provide wider coverage to communities

To accomplish this, our AI uses a spectrum of medical data that includes lifestyle, hospitalisation history, as well as the presence of other pre-existing conditions.

Insurers are now able to develop an accurate predictive model for coverage that consistently evolves as more data is acquired.

This helps companies better cover scenarios from determining the right pricing for group insurance policies, sending the right target groups for health counselling and identifying suitable prospects for wider coverage.

Partnering for a Healthier World

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