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Digital Advisor Platform

We help financial institutions build a multi-sided platform to augment advisors’ productivity and enrich the customer experience in financial planning and wealth advisory.

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Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Financial advisory is a competitive business where customers prefer policies that meet their unique needs. Hence, the increased challenges faced by financial advisors.

Customers these days want more control over their financial situation. That means having a holistic view of their finances that is easy to access, use and understand.

Companies can close this essential gap with our digital advisor platform (DAP). This helps financial advisors to develop customer trust through collaborative planning and a shared understanding of their finances.

Additionally, DAP leverages AI and analytics for personalisation, which in turn could build customer loyalty that motivates customer referrals.

A Gamified Life Journey Simulation

Through our gamified life journey simulation, banks, insurers, and advisors can now empower customers to make informed financial decisions.

Our DAP enables interactive financial planning that engages customers and helps advisors better illustrate solutions.

Financial advisors will be able to explain the complexities of insurance by simulating different scenarios on a customer’s life path and present the resulting financial impacts. By using this interactive and engaging format, customers can now easily comprehend the benefits of different strategies and products.

Similarly, customers will enjoy the same feature on the customer app which opens a communications channel for banks and insurers to directly connect and influence their existing and potential customers.

Our Digital Advisor Platform helps advisors and customers to tailor a delightful financial planning experience that motivates accomplishment of financial aspirations.

Delighting Customers through Partnerships

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