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Smart Public Safety & Security Solutions


Smart Space Solutions for Safe Businesses and Public Spaces

In the 21st century, both businesses and governments are becoming increasingly reliant on information and communication technologies (ICT) to optimise their operations and services to increase efficiency and meet consumer demands. While this has brought about many benefits, especially in the conception of smart cities, ensuring public safety and security and secure business processes have become key concerns now.

Moreover, the current COVID-19 global pandemic has forced many governments to think of innovative ways to implement security measures that will lower infection rates while reducing the impact on citizens’ livelihoods and the economy. One way the Singapore government has done that is by leveraging video surveillance systems and analytics to monitor social distancing and Stay Home Notices (SHN). Such enforcement is monitored by a backend platform that provides statistics and insights daily with good accuracy. This allows people tracking and contact tracing to be done in a short amount of time without relying too heavily on a large number of officers.

The above actions were made possible due to technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies have enabled organizations to leverage various software to obtain and analyse near real-time data. This results in insights that can be effectively utilised by front-end operators in the field.

Whether your organisation needs video analytics or RFID solutions, Hitachi offers a wide range of Smart Solutions that will ensure physical security and increase efficiency.


How Hitachi Can Help Your Organisation

Having cultivated operational expertise and experience in ICT consultation, implementation, and IT infrastructure development over 60 years, we pride ourselves on being a global one-stop service and solution provider for all your ICT needs.

Our team of researchers and data scientists in Singapore has expertise in consulting and implementing smart solutions for diverse ASEAN industries from defense to critical infrastructure. As such, they are experienced in supporting various ASEAN opportunities. Thus, you can be sure that our products and services are of the highest quality and that we can seamlessly integrate them into your operations.

We believe in co-creating solutions with our clients so that the technologies will be suited to address the unique needs of every organisation. This is especially important when it comes to physical space security, in which challenges vary greatly from industry to industry. As such, Hitachi practises a simple 3-step process when it comes to collaborating with our clients.

  • Share visions with client
  • Create a new concept and develop prototypes accordingly
  • Validate the prototypes with the client
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Here are a few Smart Public Safety and Security Solutions that Hitachi has to offer.

Video Analytics

Ensuring adequate security and safety is crucial in big crowds and big public spaces and one way that organisations have been doing that is by utilising video analytics. Some applications include intrusion detection, object detection (Object-of-Interest & Vehicle-of-Interest), facial recognition (Person-of-Interest), and congestion detection. With the inclusion of AI, users can receive data from their video surveillance systems with high levels of accuracy and low false alarm rates so that they can make informed decisions quickly. When you work with Hitachi, you can be sure that our unified Physical Security platform can provide further insights into your huge volumes of video data and footages.


Automated Visitor Management System

Update your guest enrollment services with Automated Visitor Management (AVM) systems that do away with physical logbooks and can keep track of large volumes of traffic going in and going out of your office buildings. With the current global pandemic requiring more ‘contactless’ processes, now is the best time for your organisation to transition to AVM systems. Hitachi can set up your organisation with both human and vehicle AVM systems that are fitted with a range of software such as face recognition, electronic access control systems, and monitoring services amongst others. Thus ensuring the safety of your visitors and your staff.


Hitachi Visualisation Suite (HVS)

Organisations often use a range of technologies to ensure the safety of their residents - from smart lighting to environmental sensors and live videos. With data coming in from everywhere, Hitachi wants to simplify IT system management so that organisations can receive rapid insights so that they can respond to incidences in real-time and ensure public safety. As such, Hitachi Visualisation Suite (HVS) provides integrated data from all of your sources that you can easily view in a single window. Advanced analytics can predict trends so that you can devote resources accordingly. Besides, HVS is cloud-based, which means that you can access important data from your computers and your mobile devices. With Hitachi’s help, HVS can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure so that you can experience its advantages almost instantly.


Multi-Feature Video Search (MVS)

With over 2.5 exabytes (2.5 million terabytes) of video data being produced every day, there is a need for software that can reduce search times so that security professionals can rapidly comb through the data and respond to crises quickly. Hitachi’s Multi-feature Video Search (MVS) leverages AI solutions so that users can find persons of interest in real-time through attributes such as clothing and bags rather than biometric data. This makes it easier for people tracking and contract tracing. With accurate person tracking, a high-speed search function, and an open approach to integrating with organisations’ existing video management systems, ensure smarter public safety and security with Hitachi’s MVS.


Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) System

Manage all your buildings’ security software in a single interface with a physical security information management (PSIM) system. In the past, an Integrated Surveillance System was typically limited by the choice of integration protocol to integrate the various Electronics Security Systems. With PSIM, gone are the days where an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) was given the monumental task of software integration by System Integrator. PSIM offers much more scalability & flexibility without limitation.

Hitachi can help with creating an electronic access control system in the form of a personalised mobile application so that an organisation’s many users can have access to a whole. Your PSIM will be fitted with real-time situational awareness on the GIS (Geography Information Mapping System) so that your first responders can receive accurate on-ground information from live data feeds. With first responders’ location and navigation enabled, your security teams can work together effectively.


Whether you are a company in Singapore or ASEAN, our smart solutions will be able to address all your safety concerns. Contact us today to find out more.