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Covid-19 Smart Solutions

By leveraging on our extensive ICT experience and competencies, Hitachi provides targeted COVID-19 solutions to help agencies and organizations effectively address social distancing and contact tracing needs.

Home Quarantine Solutions

As quarantining suspected cases is one of the key measures to combat the current health crisis, organizations will need effective home quarantine management solutions. As such, Hitachi’s range of smart technologies that can help organizations enforce regimes that complies with quarantine regulations. Such services include a Centralized Monitoring Application and wearable e-wristbands. The wristbands are equipped with a tamper-evident seal that will trigger backend alerts when the user is interfering with the system or is not detected within the designated zone. That way, prompt actions can be taken if rule violations are detected.

Our Centralized Monitoring Application is a user-friendly tool that tracks all these data and compiles analytics in an easy viewing format across various operation functions. This helps to reduce operator deployment at the Command Centre. In addition, secured data transmission is ensured as all information sent from the wearable to the servers is encrypted and not dependent on external network access. This way, organizations can be assured that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.


Close-Proximity Solutions

Buildings that experience high human traffic daily will require solutions to help them enforce safe distancing measures to reduce virus transmission. Be it commercial or residential spaces, both can benefit from our Centralized Monitoring Application – a software that allows safe distance parameters to be defined and alarm signals to be activated in real-time when rules are being breached. With the programme’s ability to identify users and retrieve their information, historical data can be analysed to generate premise usage reports and facilitate contact tracing.

For organizations that have stricter safe distancing compliance, such as hospitals, construction sites, and food retail businesses, they can utilise wearable IoT devices. The e-wristbands can trigger alerts when social distancing rules are violated (1 – 2 metres) or detecting inter-mingling across different groups of visitors.


Smart ThermMon

Regular temperature monitoring and recording is made easier and simpler with Smart ThermMon - an intelligent temperature screening solution that is integrated with facial recognition. Self-service kiosks remove the need for manual thermal scanning methods and allow visitors to record their temperatures seamlessly - helping to decrease the risks of viral transmissions through close human interactions. Through biometric thermal temperature sensors and facial recognition software, temperatures are recorded reliably. This thermal detection allows for alerts to be raised when a high temperature is detected and alarms to be activated to prevent entry.

Safeguarding the well-being of employees and residents is made much easier as the software captures and maintains records of visitors’ faces and temperatures. Contact tracing can be easily facilitated as data reports are compiled in a readable format.


With Hitachi’s range of COVID-19 Smart Solutions, agencies and organisations can keep their employees and clients safe while ensuring compliance with current safety regulations. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.