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e-Commerce Solutions

View and Analyze business KPIs real-time, anytime & anywhere

Our cloud based e-commerce solutions empowers users in any organization to aggregate their data from different sources and transform them into easily comprehensible graphical representations. This customizable interactive dashboard enables users to easily and clearly visualize and analyze business data anytime, anywhere for informed decision making.


  • Support multiple types of data sources and viewing devices.
  • Visual and analytical tools include interactive maps, charts, graphs etc.
  • User configurable alerts to automatically monitor data.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Responsive Web Design technology which automatically adjusts layout according to screen size.
  • Reports can be customized by client or Hitachi.
  • Security Access Right matrix configurable by user groups.
  • Support multiple web clients such as IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Key benefits:

  • Analyze business  trends and business KPIs real-time, anytime, anywhere
  • Ease of use and easily coherent with graphical visualization charts
  • Enable management and staff to quickly make informed business decisions
  • Increase staff productivity when analyzing business data
  • Slice and dice capability