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Hitachi Industrial Components & Equipment

Compact & Modular design

  • More compact overall dimensions and light weights.
  • HITACHI ACB have been made three types of modular design creteria to facilitate their installation and integration in low voltage switch boards.

Compact & Modular design

High breaking capacity

  • HITACHI ACB provides high breaking capacity up to 100kA

High breaking capacity

Safety and Convenience

  • OCR terminals are located in front
  • Modulized mechanical part and accessories
  • for easy maintenance and inspection Improved draw-out rail for easy draw-out
  • Minimized arc space
  • Molded frame

Safety and Convenience

High Functional Digital Type Trip Relay

Easy inspection by LCD
-Load current value
-Setting values of each trip characteristics
-Fault current(Max) value
-Tripping time
Self-diagnosis function
-noEr : No error
-Err-1 : NoMTD coil
-Err-2 : Program error
-Err-4 : Configuration resister error
-Err-8 : Watch dog error
Self-test function
-It is available to check whether OCR is operated normally or not by applying external power
Pre-alarm function
Contact output of the each tripping cause and LED indication
OCR alarm contact (AL,2a)

Variety of accessories

Optional accessories

  • Interlock device
    -MI (Mechanical Interlock)
  • Key interlock, ON-Lock (K2)
  • Key lock (K1)
  • ON/OFF button lock (B)
  • Door Frame (DF)
  • Door Interlock (DI)
  • UVT, UVT controller : Standard (1NO 1NC)
    TYPE Operating time Rated voltage
    Instantaneous type under 0.2sec AC 110, 220, 380, 460V
    DC 24, 48, 110, 125V
    Delay type over 0.5sec AC 110, 220, 380, 460V
    DC 24, 48, 110, 125V
    over 3sec AC 110, 220, 380, 460V
  • Cell switch (4C,8C)
  • Shorting "b" contact (SBC, 5b max, Shorting b contact)
  • Safety shutter lock (STL)
  • Miss insertion prevent device (MIP)
  • Condenser tripping device (CTD)
  • OCR tester (OT)

Standard attachment of draw-out type

  • pad lock
  • Position indicator (connected, test, disconnected)
  • Counter (5-digit)
  • Lifting hook
  • Insulating barrier
  • OCR alarm contact (AL,2a)

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