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Manual charging type

The closing coil is charged by manual charging handle. For closing, first charge the spring by using the charging handle, and then press the close button(I, ON) for closing, the open button(O, OFF) for opening

  • When closing spring is completely charged, charge indicator indicate "Charge"
  • It is mechanically locked not to press the close button(I, ON) and open button(O, OFF) simultaneously
  • Contact condition of the main circuit is shown on the(O, OFF), (I, ON) indicator.

Charging method

Motor charging type

The closing spring is charged by a motor ON charging method or OFF charging method is available selectively.

-OFF charging method : When the breaker is opened, the closing spring is charged automatically. It can change to ON charging method by removing b(A×b) contact like beside circuit diagram
-ON charging method : The closing spring is charged automatically when the breaker is closed.It can change to OFF charging method by using b(A×b) contact. There is a contact to indicate the charging completion(TS+, TS-). Since the contact signal of charging completion switch is connected to the external terminal, It is easy to construct a circuit(ex.Automatic closing circuit) by using that contact

  • Manual charging is also available
  • With the breaker closed(I, ON), only manual charging is possible(motor charging cannot be performed)
  • With the open button(O, OFF) pressed, closing cannot be performed(electrical and mechanical lock)
  • When OFF Lock device is in use, closing cannot be worked.(electrical and mechanical lock)
  • Opening should follow at least one second after completion of charging
  • Pumping prevent circuit is included with the closing coil(electrical lock)
  • Please note that pumping prevent circuit can be reset when the voltage of input signal drops
Voltage Reset voltage
AC Rated voltage 85% under
DC Rated voltage 85% under

Motor charging circuit
Motor charging circuit


Since charging completion contact (TS+, TS-) terminal is for contact output power should not be allowed.
Charging completion contact capacity is equal to that high of capacity of auxiliary contact in page 27.
Motor ratings
Rated voltage Inrush current peak value(A) Steady current(A) Power consumption(W) Charging time(sec)
110 7 3.5 385 5 Under
220 7 3.5 770
DC 125 7 3.5 437
24 30 11 264
48 30 5.5 264


The range of operating voltage : 85-110%

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