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AI Technology / Prediction of Rare Cases

We partner with financial institutions to optimise their credit scoring to reach better clients while lowering risk.

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Credit Scoring for Loan and Credit Institutions

For many financial institutions, targeting the right customer has always been challenging, especially when it comes to giving credit.

Many legacy screening processes either leave out valuable opportunities or are unable to detect rare cases such as the probability of loan defaults or fraudulent transactions. With our AT/PRC technology, we help companies analyse customer data in a plug-and-play manner to predict rare cases with high accuracy.

This allows institutions to identify the right prospects that are a good fit while avoiding risky prospects that might default.

Predictive Modeling Powered by AI Technology

Using AT/PRC, financial institutions can input their customers’ loan application data, bank account and transaction data. Our AI technology analyzes comprehensively and fine-tunes the selection criteria on-the-go.

This allows for an accurate predictive model of your prospects, giving a score to each of them, identifying high-value customers who have a need while being creditworthy.

To accomplish this, our AI dynamically syncs real-world life factors such as educational history socio-economic status to improve the model and prediction.

This helps your team directly contact customers with higher contract rates, saving time and expense trying to acquire new business.

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