Powering Tomorrow’s Financial Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

We help financial institutions enhance and develop cutting-edge services that deliver optimal value to their customers.

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AI Use Cases in the Financial Services Industry Worldwide

Credit Worthiness Assessment

Streamlined Loan Processing

Fraud Monitoring

Intelligent Backoffice Automation

Customer Experience

Advance Customer Analytics

Customer Retention and Upselling

Unlocking Possibilities through Co-Creation

We believe in delivering financial innovations to the market through co-creation with our partners.

With a customer-focused approach, we help financial institutions deliver quality, sustainable, and innovative solutions to the market.

Al Technology for Prediction of Rare Cases (AT/PRC)

Credit Scoring with Artificial Intelligence

Through our sophisticated modeling and scoring technology, we help financial institutions such as banks optimize their credit and loan screening processes. Our technology helps with fraud detection, loan screening, and business matching to ensure a precise credit risk analysis.

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Data Analysis of Customer’s Risk Profile

Data Analysis of Customer’s Risk Profile

Our AI models help insurance companies better assess the health conditions and medical risks of their customers. Using medical data and history, we help institutions develop an accurate customer risk profile, lower healthcare costs and deliver wider healthcare coverage.

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Digital Advisor Platform

Building Better Customer Relationships

DAP is a multi-sided platform to augment advisors’ productivity and enrich the customer experience in financial planning and wealth advisory.

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Bespoke Development

At Hitachi, we follow a customer-focused approach and partner with financial institutions to develop tailor-made solutions.

We seek to combine your needs and data with our AI technology and expertise to co-create innovative financial services for your customers.

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