Hitachi Plays Santa returns for the fifth year in 2021 to spread festive cheer

Dedicated to Powering Good, employees from Hitachi Asia Ltd and its Group of Companies (GoCs) started this ground-up initiative in 2017 to support various social causes in Singapore. Aptly named “Hitachi Plays Santa”, this has been a signature CSR programme for its employees each year to spread love, hope and cheer during the festive season.

Set against the backdrop of COVID-19, year-end festivities have dimmed for many families as they endure the financial hardships and stress from making ends meet. For many of us, having food on the table is simply a given. Unknown to some, there are still many underprivileged communities in Singapore who constantly worry about their next meals. Everybody deserves a warm meal on the table, which is why Hitachi has partnered Willing Hearts to do its part to power good for the beneficiaries.

Hitachi Plays Santa 2021: Cooking from the Heart saw over 100 Hitachi employees from over 12 Group of Companies (GoCs) come together as “One Hitachi” to generously volunteer their time at Willing Hearts’ kitchen to prepare and deliver hot meals to local beneficiaries.

Apart from lending a helping hand at the various kitchen stations and delivery, donors from across the 12 GoCs raised over SGD13,000 to further support Willing Hearts in its day-to-day operations to better serve its beneficiaries. On top of that, an additional SGD850 of grocery vouchers were donated to Willing Hearts to aid families in need.

Throughout the organisation’s 110-year history, Hitachi’s businesses and activities have supported the regions’ social, environmental, and economic development. Akin to many other projects within Hitachi, Hitachi Plays Santa is a natural extension of our mission to contribute to the society.

We hope activities like this can deliver the goodness that everyone deserves and inspire those within our community to do the same.

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