How Hitachi is responding to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Global Message

Click here for a message from Hitachi, Ltd.’s Representative Executive Officer, Executive Chairman & CEO, Toshiaki Higashirara.

Click here to see our global management policies and activities in response to COVID-19.

ASEAN Message

In these difficult times with the evolving COVID-19 situation, it is imperative that we all stay safe and healthy. At Hitachi, the health and well-being of all employees are our utmost priority, and we are taking all the steps to ensure that government directives are being followed in each country.

At the same time, we are committed to our partners and customers and remain dedicated to provide and maintain reliable support to meet all your essential needs.

I believe that ‘Unity is strength’ – our Hitachi employees are working together with our partners and customers to power good and overcome this difficult time of uncertainties.

Kojin Nakakita
Hitachi Asia Ltd.

The world is facing unprecedented threats that humanity has never experienced before, and it is understandable that we’re all facing a lot of unease. As the Managing Director of Hitachi Asia, my priority is to assure our employees, business partners and customers that we will overcome this difficult time of COVID-19 together.

It is important to me that our employees put the safety and health of their own and their families first. Only then can we think about making positive contributions to society through our business.

With our years of experience and technological solutions to leverage on, we are working hand in hand to ensure business continuity during this rapidly evolving period.

United as “One Hitachi”, we will overcome COVID-19.

Takatoshi Sasaki
Managing Director
Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Together we can power good!

The pandemic has helped us to realize the importance of a strong support system. Managing Director Takatoshi Sasaki gives his take on the importance of paying it forward and giving back to the society. After all, Hitachi is in the business of powering good🙆‍♀‍.

Powering good through the pandemic

A year since the Circuit Breaker started in Singapore – employees of Hitachi Asia Ltd. talk about how they continued powering good through the pandemic.

Let’s power good from home

In this unprecedented times where almost everyone is maintaining social distancing, we share some tips on how to make your work from home (WFH) life better!

Hitachi, Ltd. to Provide USD 1 Million in Loans through Kiva

Hitachi will make a contribution of USD 1 million to support business owners impacted by COVID-19 through loans by Kiva, a U.S. nonprofit organization that supports lending to small businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers and families around the world through crowdfunding.

Keeping the OneHitachi spirit alive despite the various lockdowns in ASEAN!

Here’s how HitachiAsia is helping employees cope with the emotional impact of the lockdown while working from home 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

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Note: Video feature is in Mandarin and does not include English subtitles.