Themed “Sustainable Water Solutions for a Changing Urban Environment”, the Singapore International Water Week 2011 (SIWW 2011), held from 4 to 8 July 2011, was a successful industry platform for solutions-providers to address the latest and most pertinent water issues amidst a rapidly changing world.

The Hitachi booth – a collaboration between Center of Excellence Division (COE) of Hitachi Asia, Hitachi Plant Technologies, Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering, and Hitachi Water Environment Solutions – attracted more than 8,000 delegates and was located prominently in the Japan Pavilion. Through our information panels and demonstration product models, visitors learned about Hitachi’s various advance water technologies designed to meet the unique water requirements of each country in the region:

  1. Hitachi Water System
    A system that controls and manages centrally all water treatment facilities to supply necessary quality and quantity of water to wherever and whenever it is needed.
  2. Hitachi MBR and RO System
    The systems that use advanced technologies like membrane filtration or natural energy for desalination to produce high quality treated water.
  3. Water Distribution Control System
    A system which manages water distribution pressure and water quality to ensure good quality of water, conserve energy and reduce leakages.
  4. Eco-friendly Cooling and Desalination System with Deep Seawater
    A newly developed system that utilizes deep seawater for better energy saving.
  5. Fluoride Wastewater Treatment System
    A system that makes use of a new technology to remove fluoride in industrial wastewater