About Hitachi in Asia

We are well-positioned to bringing Social Innovation to Asia.

“Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire the world.”

Operations in Asia

Hitachi Asia Ltd. has offices across 7 Asean Countries as of January 2024.


Hitachi in Vietnam

Founded in 1994

Representative offices in Vietnam were established in Ho Chi Minh City (1994) and Hanoi (1996). In 2013, Hitachi Asia (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established to further expand and strengthen Hitachi’s operations in Vietnam.

Our business includes IT system and solutions, power and industrial system, transportation system and water treatment system. We also plan and implement Hitachi’s business strategies in Vietnam to promote our Social Innovation Business, with the aim of improving the lives of the people in Vietnam.

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Consolidated revenue for Hitachi Group Companies in Asia

Based on International Financial Reporting Standards for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023

of total consolidated revenue of the Hitachi Group

3 sectors critical to increasing our customers’ Social, Environmental, and Economic Values

Digital Systems & Services ——— Green Energy & Mobility ——— Connective Industries

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

Hitachi is committed to building a secure and comfortable world for future generations.
Our CSR activities is part of this commitment to build a better society.

Serving the World with Our Social Innovation Business

Throughout history, social innovations have been the instrument of our technological transformation, from the simplest tools to modern mechanical marvels. Discover how Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is contributing to resolving social issues in in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Powering Asia’s Journey to a Sustainable Society

Social innovation is at the core of Hitachi’s business and has been a driving force behind much of the technological progress that has helped improve the quality of life.
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