With Thailand facing a continued wave of COVID-19 infections and the looming threat of the new Omicron variant, Hitachi remains more dedicated than ever to supporting the country in its time of need. This is why Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has continued to provide aid to Thai citizens badly affected by the pandemic. To save lives, Hi Flow Oxygen Generators were donated to 6 public hospitals in Thailand for patients with severe cases of COVID-19. Hitachi takes its responsibility to contribute to society seriously, especially in these difficult times. By working together as One Hitachi, we are hopeful that our efforts will play a part in helping Thailand to overcome the pandemic and bring the big smile back to the Thai people once again.  


Hitachi Asia (Thailand)’s office space was rearranged to adhere to social distancing measures.

Oxygenators were purchased for Hitachi employees in Thailand with breathing difficulties caused by COVID-19.

Japanese o-bento boxes for medical personnel – giving back to frontline staff who have been working hard amidst the pandemic with an enjoyable Japanese lunch.