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Launch of Hitachi Asia Ltd.’s Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) Version 12 (V12) (PDF Type, 69kByte)

January 22, 2019

Launch of Hitachi Asia Ltd.’s
Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) Version 12 (V12)

An Integrated Systems Management Solution that helps to overcome the complexities of business operations

Singapore, January 22, 2019 – Hitachi Asia Ltd. today announced the launch of its latest integrated systems management suite, JP1 Version 12, which promotes the digital revolution of companies through the optimisation of business processes.

“JP1 V12” enables the visualisation and automation of business processes by integrating operational processes in an IT environment, in real time. This facilitates quick decision making by enabling users to grasp the whole business situation from a higher perspective, thereby contributing to improve business efficiency across various areas.

In recent years, it is imperative to continue creating new value by utilising technology such as promoting the reform of business processes, as the digital revolution accelerates. In light of this, the IT department is requested to integrate work and data together, across the whole company and to visualise them from across a dashboard, so as to optimise business processes through the automation of IT operations.

Hitachi offers “JP1 V12”, which strengthens “JP1”, a solution which has clinched top sales in Japan’s domestic operational management software market for 24 consecutive years. Hitachi’s new product, an intelligent integrated management base, “JP1/Integrated Management 2” (hereinafter called, JP1/IM2) visualises the information necessary for decision making by collecting various data from a variety of IT environment / Internet, integrating them, and applying them centrally in real time. JP1 can visualise the data according to the status or official positions. This provides a holistic view of the entire IT operation environment status and can contribute towards quick and efficient managerial decision making.

In addition to the existing on-premise environment, “JP1/IM2” can manage various IT environments from multi-cloud environment to multi-vender systems centrally. “JP1/IM2” can also relate operational data such as configuration information, through data on the Internet, and consolidate them for display on a dashboard. It is possible to relate with the accumulated date specific to each company with the knowledge of engineers. JP1 can visualise the data classified according to its status or official position. Administrators and engineers can manage their IT environment and systems easily, respond briefly to an error and better comprehend the widespread impact on business operations. This enhances the efficiency of IT operations. Furthermore, its automation module enables administrators and engineers to schedule different jobs at preferred dates and times to improve job efficiency.

Hitachi JP1 Version 12 will be available in ASEAN from Hitachi Asia Ltd., and authorised value-added resellers from January 23, 2019.

First launched in Japan in 1994, Hitachi JP1 is the front-runner of innovative systems management technology. JP1 Version 12 benefits from the 20 years of expertise Hitachi has accumulated in developing the smartest and easiest solutions to create seamless, operator-friendly, systems management.

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