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Hitachi Systems launches “GNEXT” Global IT Service Brand (PDF Type, 64 kByte)

Oct 6, 2011

Hitachi Systems launches “GNEXT” Global IT Service Brand

Enhanced solution menu, partners, focusing on China and Southeast Asia region
One-stop support for customers’ global business operations

Tokyo, October 6, 2011— Hitachi Systems, Ltd. (President and CEO: Naoya Takahashi, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, “Hitachi Systems”) today launched “GNEXT”, a global IT Service Brand that offers one-stop support for the many business challenges faced by its customers’ expansion of their global business operations, focusing on China and Southeast Asia region, with the aim to strengthen and expand its global business. Accordingly, a “GNEXT contact window” for customers in the Global Business Group was established on October 7. Hitachi Systems will also organise “GNEXT Seminars” in Japan on a monthly basis. These seminars will allow Hitachi Systems to better understand customer’s requirements and enable us to provide tailored IT services to meet their needs.

Hitachi Systems, established on October 1, 2011 in a merger between Hitachi Electronics Services, Ltd. (HES) and Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd. (HitachiJoho) aims to become a global services company that provides one-stop, high value-added services to meet the increasingly diverse global IT needs.

Prior to the merger, Hitachi Joho provided Japanese customers with global network services and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages. In April 2011 Hitachi Joho started “Overseas Expansion Support Services” focusing on China, Thailand, and Vietnam. For the past three years Hitachi Joho has been providing IT services to around 150 local Japanese oriented customers. On the other hand, HES has for many years been providing services for the repair and maintenance of IT equipment (servers, storage devices, etc.) throughout the world.

With the merger, Hitachi Systems is now able to offer customers the global IT services of both companies and will now work to enhance and expand its service menu. In addition Hitachi Systems will increase its support region of “Overseas Expansion Support Services” from 3 to 7 regions, adding Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines by increasing business partners.

Hitachi Systems targets to provide “GNEXT” solution menu to 300 Japanese oriented customers (accumulated) that have plans to deploy or are already operating in China and Southeast Asia region by the end of fiscal 2012.

The Global IT Service Brand “GNEXT”

The “GNEXT” solution service provides a powerful, one-stop backup support to address the various concerns and desires of customers wanting to conduct global business operations. This support includes survey support during the initial overseas operation study phase, company formation support from the legal, financial, and management aspects before the overseas firm is established, IT system design, assisting in establishment of application procedures, IT infrastructure construction, equipment work, business system construction during the establishment process, and operation support in legal, accounting, and personnel matters as well as assistance in IT system design, operation, and maintenance after the firm’s establishment.

With particular respect to “Overseas Expansion Support Services”, a consortium has been formed that will closely link consulting companies, law firms, accounting firms, local IT vendors, and other entities. It currently comprises seven member firms, with additions to be made as needed. The company has access to all the resources of the Hitachi Group companies, such as the financial services and information which is provided by Hitachi Capital Corporation.

Image of “GNEXT” Overseas Expansion Support Services

Content of “Overseas Expansion Support Services” :

  • Overseas operations study period: Diverse survey support
    Providing information on markets (prospects, consumers, competition), operation areas, governments, and legislation
  • Prior to company establishment: Preparing articles of incorporation, selecting properties, registering and protecting intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs), surveying IT environment, designing IT systems, etc.
  • During company establishment: Executing corporation establishment procedures, acquiring sales and marketing approval and licenses, building IT infrastructures, doing equipment work, constructing business systems, opening accounts, company registration, dealing with legal/taxation issues, setting corporate bylaws, preparing employment contracts, etc.
  • After company establishment: Business operations support
    Performing legal/financial accounting, structuring personnel systems, training, recruiting personnel, making personnel accommodation arrangements, operating IT systems, providing maintenance support, etc.

*Underlined items are services provided directly by Hitachi Systems.

Support Area of “Overseas Expansion Support Services” :
China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines

* Hitachi Systems plans to expand support region gradually.

Business Partners

China: Shanghai Aqua Consulting

Shanghai Aqua Consulting provides assistance to companies in addressing and solving the many problems involved in starting and conducting overseas operations in China. It offers services beginning with the entry-planning stage, such as amassing information relevant to China, business planning support, and advice on establishing local corporations and dealing with business startup-related problems.

Thailand: A.I. Network (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

A.I. Network Co. has for 15 years been providing one-stop services related to accounting, taxation, and legal matters to Japanese corporations doing business in Thailand. Combining experience and know-how, it offers problem-solving assistance by ascertaining and reporting problems that are hard for top management to recognize and by providing
business-related support for management and staff as required .

Thailand: Toyo Business Service

Toyo Business Service aspires to serve as a bridge between Japan and Thailand and to contribute to the business development of companies in both countries. It helps solve troublesome problems for Japanese companies encountering obstacles with Thai laws and business practices, both for firms preparing to do business in Thailand and those already doing so. With its mission of helping companies to conduct economic activities in Thailand smoothly, it is currently providing assistance to 33 Japanese firms ranging from manufacturers to small- and middle-sized service providers to public-listed companies.

Thailand: Nippon Consulting Co., Ltd.

Established in February 1998 in the wake of the Asian currency crisis (sometimes referred to as the “Tom Yam Kung Crisis”), Nippon Consulting Co. has to-date provided service to nearly 400 companies. Focusing on a uniformed support for Japanese firms starting up plant operations in Thailand, it is currently applying its strengths in particular to outsourcing Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) business as well as to employee dispatching and labor consulting.

Vietnam: Vietnam Challenge Corporation

With a proven record of achieving results in supporting small- and medium-sized firms expanding their operations into Vietnam, Vietnam Challenge Corporation’s highly experienced Japanese consultants, well-known both in Japan and in Vietnam, have a reputation for putting themselves in the customers’ shoes when providing advice. In the six months since Long Hau Company was formed as the company’s business agent in Tinh Long An in 2010, it has provided support to 15 Japanese companies that have commenced operations in Vietnam.

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia: SCS Global Holdings Pte. Ltd

SCS Global is a certified public accounting firm founded by partner firms throughout Asia in September 2002. At present, it has established main offices in seven countries and operates as part of a joint venture in another four. Under its motto “One Team, No Borders”, it is providing a uniformed quality service across national borders. The wide range of compliance job services it offers includes consulting services for overseas advance/investment, financial advisory services including M&A advice, financial audit and tax report preparation services, and proxy bookkeeping and corporate secretarial services. These high quality services are available at reasonable rates for Japanese corporations and firms in other countries that are looking to expand into overseas business. From its Singapore headquarters, SCS Global offers consulting services and compliance job services to a broad range of customers, including regional administration offices of Japanese corporations, sales administration companies, and investment firms. The company also makes these services available in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and since these countries have close geographic and business links to Singapore, Hitachi Systems believes that offering these services from Singapore gives the services added value in those countries.

Handling Japan’s domestic side: P&E Directions

P&E Directions provides business growth support and management consulting to assist the progress of client companies in overseas markets from the aspects of both strategy planning and performance support. With its wide-ranging overseas networks in China, other Asian counties, and beyond, it is an elite organization whose work broadly supports overseas market development, particularly for client firms with overseas operations. Annually it plays a coordinating role in numerous business ventures involving Japanese and overseas companies, including strategic alliances, joint businesses, and M&A .

About Hitachi Systems

Hitachi Systems, Ltd. was established on October 1, 2011 as a result of a merger between Hitachi Electronics Services Co., a provider of high quality operation and maintenance services as well as strong support power through platform operation solutions, and Hitachi Information Systems, a firm with a superb track record in the data center service business and vast experience and know-how in design, construction, and operation for a wide range of business systems. Hitachi Systems will combine the technology and know-how cultivated by both companies, industry-leading since the early days of IT in Japan, to support the business growth of its customers by offering genuine one-stop services across the IT lifecycle, from system consulting to system construction, installation, operation, and maintenance. It will strive to be a global service company that will help to realize an enriched society.

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