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In the age of digitalization, organizations are increasingly dependent on systems to support their business and adapt to the ever-evolving business environment. It is imperative for them to ensure that mission-critical servers powering applications and storing vital data are well managed and constantly monitored so that business operations can keep running smoothly. Here’s where JP1 comes in. It allows organizations to monitor and analyze server performance data to fine-tune and optimize throughput. With JP1, you can monitor information pertaining to operating systems, databases, applications of all kinds, virtual environments, and all from a single window. For server-based applications, you can perform alive monitoring of processes and Windows services, and even monitor the operation of individual processes. Setting multiple thresholds at different levels allows you to check, in real time, thresholds that are about to be exceeded or have already been exceeded. This in turn helps you to predict degradation in system performance before it happens and, when a problem occurs, to determine the process or application causing the degradation.

server performance metric

Monitor Server Performance

Server monitor enables the server telemetry logs to check for patterns and anomalies, detailed information from servers can be monitored within JP1’s web-based console. The usage of every server component (single CPU, memory,disk and etc..) can be centrally monitored through JP1. Having a good overview of each CPU’s usage allows IT administrators to identify over-utilized or under-utilized servers for better resource management and allocation. The single console allows IT administrators to set up visualizations according to their specific monitoring targets to track performance.

Server Performance alarm triggered

Issue Flagging and Investigation

Apart from monitoring server usage, JP1 allows IT administrators to preset filters and conditions to notify them automatically when system anomalies appear or when processors stop working. Issues flagged within JP1 can also be drilled down precisely by server, processor, and application. This is important in enabling IT administrators to quickly identify the root cause of the issue instead of spending time investigating individual components individually. With these features in place, IT administrators can readily and swiftly address flagged issues, ensuring optimal business continuity.

job execute automatically

Performance Reporting and Analysis

Operational performance logs can be collected within JP1. Besides helping with day-to-day operations, constant data collection and reporting also assist organizations in building their active database. Newly collected data can be compared against past data to identify trends and highlight potential bottlenecks. This aids in capacity planning and allows organizations to be proactive in planning rather than reactive when performance is affected.

JP1 Model

JP1 is compelling for organizations to monitor and manage server performance for optimal throughput. It is also essential to understand the significance of JP1's support model, where the 10-year warranty ensures constant customer support for peace of mind. Future updated versions of JP1 will also remain compatible with older versions. Should the organization need to upgrade to newer versions in the future, this can be done progressively, which is useful for resource and budget planning.


Support various systems with different versions and upgrade them in different phases with ease


A minimum of 10 years support


Local consultant with Professional support team from Japan

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

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