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An organization is as effective as its network. Without an efficient network, it is hard to run a business smoothly and continuously. Against such a backdrop, organizations must monitor and track network performance. This is no easy task considering that most networks are extensive, connecting many servers, nodes, and other resources. Beyond managing, network data needs to be collected, monitored, and analyzed to detect issues and failures, which could otherwise prove detrimental to the business. How do you overcome these network monitoring challenges? How can you manage your network easily without putting a strain on manpower resources? How can you be notified quickly of failures for faster rectifications? JP1 helps you better monitor and manage your network, giving you have a visual overview of every connected server, node, and device.

topology map

Centralize Network Monitoring

Understanding the numerous network devices and servers that need to be monitored, JP1 enables organizations to visualize their network topology with a centralized console. The topology map allows IT administrators to view the location and layout of each network device and server across the organization for easy reference.

swift incident

Swift Incident Management through Active Monitoring

Active monitoring through JP1 allows organizations to see network activity details and servers’ statuses. In addition, it can be customized to monitor specific servers and nodes. Organizations can also set the solution to check the statuses of network devices at preset intervals. Proactively monitoring these devices can minimize should failures occur for swift incident management.

dh logfiles

Swift Incident Management

Incident management is critical when failures are detected. Through JP1, organizations can quickly identify failure locations, and automated workflows can be set to execute predefined actions when they occur, including notifying IT administrators. Resource information can be easily gathered to allow administrators to drill down to specific devices for swifter incident management. Such information includes where and when the incident occurred. Troubleshooting information, including the status of incidents, allows administrators to prioritize key incidents for monitoring and resolution.

JP1 Model

JP1 is compelling for organizations to ensure for effective day-to-day operations for swifter management of your network. It is also essential to understand the significance of JP1's support model, where the 10-year warranty ensures constant customer support for peace of mind. Future updated versions of JP1 will also remain compatible with older versions. Should the organization need to upgrade to newer versions in the future, this can be done progressively, which is useful for resource and budget planning.


Support various systems with different versions and upgrade them in different phases with ease


A minimum of 10 years support


Local consultant with Professional support team from Japan

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

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As organizations evolve, It is essential to ensure that IT business operation activities are well-managed and monitored. Let us help support your organization with your IT business operation. Contact us today to discover how your unique organization can adopt digitization and prepare for a future where you stay ahead of the competition.