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On-Prem IaaS


What is Hardware as a Service?

For all the benefits of technology, it can get outdated quickly, and updating new infrastructure can be very costly - especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Nevertheless, businesses have to utilise the latest technology if they want to keep their competitive edge. As such, Hardware as a Service offers SMEs a flexible and cost-effective way of keeping their IT infrastructure up-to-date.

Having its roots in Software as a Service, Hardware as a Service is a subscription-based business model that puts together IT hardware, software, installation, and maintenance into one package. Subsequently, businesses are paying for the service to run the hardware rather than just ‘renting’ the hardware alone.

Hitachi offers Hardware as a Service, also known as On-Premise Infrastructure as a Service, solution that addresses the following key challenges many organisations face:

  • Slow and long lead time in providing IT infrastructure
  • Large amounts of up-front investment (CAPEX) required to procure server hardware and devices for IT infrastructure
  • Limited data privacy if data is not kept on-premise
  • Training expenses for IT workers to have the skills required to handle the increasingly complex IT infrastructure

Hitachi's Hardware as a Service deploys and manages IT hardware that combines computing, storage, and networking capabilities into a single system. Such capabilities include hardware redundancy with no single point of failure, virtualization technology with failover feature, remote monitoring, and more. Businesses only need to provide a server room, power utility, cooling, and telco line for Hitachi to deliver this service.

Key Benefits of Hitachi’s On-Premise Infrastructure as a Service:

  • The entire infrastructure is owned and maintained by Hitachi for the period of the contract
  • Monthly or Quarterly billing, thus eliminating huge capital investment, Capital Lock-in, and Financial risk.
  • Hitachi ensures availability and enterprise-grade support subject to on-premise DC and network infrastructure.
  • The company will not need to worry about upskilling, reskilling, and training for IT support staff
  • Reduce turn-around time for new business IT infrastructure requirements instead of long lead time for procurement
  • IT failures, system software, or support issues will be dealt with proactively and preventively by Hitachi’s technical experts.
  • The entire on-premise infrastructure is dedicated and not shared with other customers, ensuring data privacy and security.


With Hitachi's Hardware as a Service, your business can reap the benefits of the newest technologies and work to its fullest potential with reduced risks and investment.