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IT Managed Services


IT products and services have proven to improve productivity and efficiency for growing companies. Yet the fast-paced evolution of technology has made it extremely difficult to keep up with the changes. Given the cybersecurity risk assessments, backups, and upgrades that need to be performed to keep the IT infrastructure of a company running smoothly, in-house IT staff may not always have the expertise to stay ahead of the curve.

Businesses are highly dependent on a reliable IT system. This is because they cannot afford the uncertainty of a break-fix repair model in our current highly competitive business climate. As a result, an IT Managed Services Provider could be just the solution to effectively satisfy the needs of a company - and the world’s - evolving IT landscape.

At Hitachi Asia ICT, businesses can take advantage of a wide range of services such as Data Center consultation, IT Infrastructure services, Servers And Network Management, among other IT Managed Services. We have experts of various technical capabilities to provide proactive monitoring and management so that businesses will be ensured that their IT infrastructure supports their development at every step.

  • Reduced IT support cost as there is no need for staff retraining whenever new technology is deployed
  • Centralised monitoring systems for streamlined IT operations
  • Centralised Helpdesk system for problem tracking and resolution
  • Access of up to 24/7 IT support and escalation
  • Enhanced IT standards, processes, and ITIL-compliance
  • Access to Analytics, Solutions, and business process support
  • Improved IT Security with regular EndPoint and security policies updates
  • Managing operations – Servers and Network appliances
  • Predictable costs of a flat monthly fee
  • Provision of expert advice in making better purchasing decisions and future IT services expansion plan


For growing businesses that want to remain competitive and sustain their growth without overextending their IT infrastructure, utilising IT managed services is the answer. Be it handling IT issues or outsourcing your entire IT department, Hitachi Asia ICT aims to provide value-added services for businesses so that they can focus on their core objectives and achieve organisational success.


Want to learn more about Hitachi’s IT managed services? Visit our website for more information! Other benefits include:

  • More time to focus on business growth and revenue instead of IT issues