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SAP Business One

Increase Profitability and Acquire New Levels of Control with SAP Business One (SAP B1)

With small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) making up 99% of the businesses in Singapore and in OECD countries and contributing to at least 40% of the GDP in most countries, their importance should not be underestimated. However, SMEs are also more sensitive to external shocks to the economy - which is why they need a business management software that will grow with them and allow them to remain ahead of the curve.

If your organisation is an SME that has outgrown its accounting system and are looking for a single, integrated solution to manage its entire business, SAP Business One is the software for you!

SAP Business One is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that covers virtually all aspects of your business- from sales and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory and purchasing to project management. . Running on SAP HANA, you will be able to take advantage of advanced in-memory technology that will accelerate real-time decision making and actions through data-driven insights. Whether you are working on-premise or through the cloud, SAP Business One has built-in analytics for multi-modal data and is able to support all workloads.

With instant access to critical business information, executives and managers can confidently make informed business decisions and ensure financial stability in good and bad times. Here are a few capabilities of SAP Business One:

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Hitachi - Your Trusted SAP Partner in Singapore and in ASEAN

We have over 15 years of experience in SAP consulting and have been in the SAP Business One business in ASEAN for over 10 years. As such, your organisation can rest easy knowing that your business operations are in the hands of our very experienced SAP experts.

With many SAP consultants all over ASEAN, we are attuned to local customs and have experience in conducting local and regional roll-outs in Singapore and in the wider ASEAN region. Our SAP award of excellence and stories of success is a testament to our commitment to seeing your organisation excel wherever you may be located.

Visit: Hitachi’s SAP Consulting Services

We work closely with SAP and with your organisation to develop solutions that offer simple, proven, and affordable industry-specific functionality that is based on rigorous quality standards. Our work with clients from various industries - such as manufacturing and distributing, ensures that we will help you find the best solution for your organisational needs.

With SAP Business One solution, you can:

  • Increase your bottom line – Centralise and integrate your entire business – across sales, inventory, purchasing, operations, and financials – in one system, eliminating redundant data entries, errors, and costs
  • Improved customer relationships – When different people assist your customers but know all the past conversations, emails and business transactions that took place, your customers feel like you care about them
  • Make smarter, faster decisions – With SAP HANA’s pre-built dashboard, you will be able to put your business information into a single data source and find complete, up-to-date information quickly. The ability to receive timely and relevant insights will allow your business to make smarter decisions for your business improvement and respond to customer needs quickly.
  • Improve overall productivity and communication – Experience higher productivity and improved communications between different business departments with automated business processes and high-speed data analysis providing answers at the drop of a hat.
  • Get faster time-to-value – Be up and running within two to eight weeks with a single application. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support. SAP Business One even includes hyperlinks to free online video training in the context of the related screens
  • Focus on growing your business – Streamline operations from end to end, so you can focus on making your business more profitable
  • Support your changing needs - With easy-to-use customization tools and industry-specific solutions provided by Hitachi, SAP Business One can be flexibly tailored meet your specific business needs at every stage of your growth

Transform your business faster with help from an experienced SAP partner in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other ASEAN regions. With Hitachi’s matured delivery service model and competent resources, we will ensure that SAP Business One can help your organisation meet the challenges of a rapidly changing digital economy.

Get an overview of services for SAP Business One and discover how we can help you address key aspects of your project, enforce best practices, and set up your own operations for ongoing success. Contact us today to find out more!

Accounting/ Financial Management

Automate, integrate, and manage all your financial and accounting processes

  • Chart of accounts
  • Journal entries and journal voucher
  • Recurrent transaction
  • Profit Centers
  • Project costs and budget management
  • Cash Flow
  • Fixed Assets
  • Banking activities
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Sales tax and value-added tax
  • Multicurrency and exchange rate revaluation
  • Financial statements and reporting

Sales/ Customer Relationship Management

Grow customer profitability and increase customer satisfaction with effective sales and opportunity management and after-sales support

  • Sales Opportunities and pipeline management
  • Multiple price list functionality
  • Sales quotations and sales orders
  • Invoices and credits
  • Down payment invoices
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Available to promise
  • Deliveries/partial deliveries and returns
  • Sales Analysis and track last sales price
  • Service contract management and service planning
  • Service-call management entry and tracking
  • Approval process based on your business rules
  • Outlook integration

Purchasing Management

Automate your entire procurement process from purchase order to vendor Purchase proposals

  • Item and vendor master data/ pricelist
  • Purchase orders and deliveries
  • Goods receipts and returns
  • Accounts payable invoice and credit notes
  • Landed Cost
  • Purchase analysis
  • Financial accounts and stock balances updates

Manufacturing/Operation Management

Respond faster to changes in demand and provide secure and predictable delivery times

  • Bill of materials (BOMs)
  • MRP wizard
  • Demand forecast
  • Material requirements planning
  • Production orders
  • Goods issue
  • Recommendation reports

Warehouse/ Inventory management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses, track stock movements and manage production orders based on material requirements planning

  • Warehouse and accounting integration
  • Items management and item queries
  • Costing and units of measure
  • Receipt to stock, release from stock, and stock transactions
  • Warehouse transfer and serial numbers tracking
  • Inventory revaluation
  • Customer and vendor catalog
  • Price lists and special pricing
  • Batch management and lot tracking
  • Warehouse Bin Location
  • Batch management and lot tracking
  • Kitting
  • Pick and pack
  • Stock take

Reporting and Analytics

Act on instant and complete information with comprehensive, real-time reports for all modules

  • Full integration with Crystal Reports® software
  • Report creation and customization
  • Report viewing
  • Publishing and distribution
  • "Drag and relate," drill downs, search assistance, workflow-based alerts