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Product superiority, reliability and innovative technology are captured with our signature new generation Continuous IJ Printer.

The Hitachi RX2 Series industrial small character high speed printer, categorized as a non-contact marking system, prints variable product information directly on various substrates. The IJ printer is capable of marking and coding various product materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, films and papers. The Hitachi RX2 Series offers the consumer superior print quality, reliability and overall performance.

Ease of Operation

User friendly operation

  • Easy operation and maintenance.
    Equipment improvements in the cabinet design allows for easier access to circulation and electrical cabinets for more efficient field installations and routine preventive maintenance.

User friendly operation

Brighter and clear touch screen

  • Intuitive touch screen.
    The actual print message layout is displayed on the screen (WYSIWYG display). The printer function buttons are displayed as icons to assist in understanding the button feature.

Brighter and clear touch screen

Improved ink circulation block

  • Ink filter can be easily replaced.
    Printer filter assemblies can be easily accessed in the circulation cabinet front panel and replaced without use of any tools.

Improved ink circulation block

Eco-friendly and various ink type options

  • Paves the way to print on previously problematic marking objects.
    Plus friendly to global and plant sanitary environments.

    We have a wide range of inks to meet various needs.
    It includes the highly-functional inks with strong adhesion, even to challenging PP and PE surfaces and the surface of glass with dew condensation as well as environment-friendly varieties such as "chromium-free" and "ethanol-based" inks.

High reliability

  • Printhead is made of cast aluminum body for more rigidity.
    Printhead is durable even when subject to harsh environment conditions, both indirectly and directly.

High reliability

AUTO power OFF function

  • Waiting to power OFF the printer after cleaning shutdown is eliminated.
    The process between automatic nozzle cleaning and system power OFF is combined in one push button function. After daily printing is complete, operator no longer waits to power OFF printer after nozzle cleaning.

Flexible Installation Package (Standard Model only)

Enclosure rated for industry standard dust and water protection (IP55)

  • An excellent dust-proof and drip-proof structure is provided.
    The RX2 Series Standard Model conforms to Industry standard dust and water protection (IP55) of the international safety standards (IEC). It is also optimally suited for the production line of "Beverage, food, and Pharmaceutical" because of its highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel body.
    The applicable temperature range is 32 to 113°F/ 0 to 45°C (JP-K67,JP-K69 ink).

Versatile Equipment Compatibility

Capable of remote connectivity with external equipment via a network function

  • RS-232C compatible transmission speed up to 115kbps.*1
  • Usable for various external devices by using an I/O interface for PNP/NPN.
  • Usable for LAN communication through a network using Ethernet.*2
    Supports system construction to meet user 's needs,  by supporting multiple control protocols.*3


Standard Model((standard equipment)) Basic Model(option)
Standard Model(option) Basic Model(unsupported)
Ethernet is the product name of Xerox Corporation in America.



Dimensions of console and printhead


Dimension of Console

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