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Hitachi’s compact and affordable CO2 laser system offers a 10 or 30 watt power output. Wavelengths of 9.3 μm, 10.2 μm and 10.6 μm combined with various lens options allows coding on to various packaging substrates, including paper, cardboard, glass or plastics, at a very wide range of production speeds. The LM Series uses vector as well as dot matrix fonts with a user friendly font editing tool.


  1. Easy Operation
    • touchscreen

      Touch Screen [Option]
      Our new, icon-based 10" full-color Touch Screen provides easy and intuitive operation. The WYSIWYG* design provides stress-free operation by displaying the print data and settings immediately. The Touch Screen is easy to use both in-handheld and on-the-equipment configurations. *What You See Is What You Get

    • lasercontrol

      Control with Laser Application [Option]
      The LM-C300 Series can also be operated with the Laser Application. Windows®-based application* supports all kinds of operations that prepare and save the print data, create and modify the fonts, edit logo data and download the laser setups for individual products. *HIKARI-SCAN

  2. Speed & Quality
    • highspeedcoding

      High speed coding at 600 cps*
      The LM-C300 Series is capable of printing up to 600 cps (characters per second). It realizes significant reduction of print time and can print on a variety of objects which are moving at high-speed on production lines, not to mention the stationary objects.

      *In case of printing alphanumeric characters of 2mm height and 1mm width. Depends on the work.

  3. Reliability
    • New cooling system
      By supplying the air through the whole laser tube of the heart of laser marker, it can cool the laser tube effectively, lower the temperature rise and improve the laser output stability. With the new cooling system, the print quality variations can be minimized, and the stable and sharp marking is realized.

    • P54 is equipped as standard in protection structure
      In addition to the dust-tight construction of the scanner, the single cover structure of the laser tube is now adopted, and it realizes the effective cooling system and the sealed structure. The LM-C300 Series equips IP54* as standard in protection structure and can be used reliably even in harsh environments. * International Protection under the provisions of International Electrotechnical Commission.


  4. Safety
    • Laser status indicator
      Three-color laser status indicator is adopted on the head of laser marker. It is the reliable design which makes it possible to know the conditions of laser marker at first sight.

      laser indicator
  5. Packaging materials
    • paperpackage

      Paper, Cardboard and Glass - 10.6µm Wavelength
      The CO2 laser radiation of 10.6µm wavelength gets well absorbed in applications that process materials ranging from thin paper to cardboard packaging.
      Extremely good print results are also achieved on glass products. This wavelength is the most common one available with CO2 lasers and perfectly suits the majority of packaging applications

    • petpackage

      PET - 9.3µm Wavelength
      Perfectly matched for the head absorption of plastics like PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), the 9.3µm wavelength laser allows marking on plastic surfaces by smoothly melting the surface layer without creating pinholes or cracking the inner structure.
      This is the ideal solution for the family of polyesters of thermoplastic resins. PET is wide-spreading in the beverage industry and is mostly used for producing bottles.

    • foilpackage

      Film and Foil - 10.2µm Wavelength
      The 10.2µm wavelength is ideally suited to marking on thin films and any types of packaging foils. Best results can be expected on painted films and foils with a thin ink layer on top. The laser energy removes the ink and generates a contrast with the next bottom layer, e. g. with the metalized composite or aluminum. Packaging materials which absorb this wavelength very well and therefore generate the best CO2-Laser print quality are PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, OPA, PA, PMMA, POM, PUR, ABS and PVC.

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