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LADDER EDITOR for Windows (HLW-PCRE : For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP)

LADDER EDITOR for Windows®, which can be used with all H/EH series PLCs, realizes comfortable project management, thanks to its user-friendly features based on the distinctive functions of the Windows® operating system, such as icons, menu bar, and mouse operation. Such operations as cut, copy, paste, and save can be done in the same way as on other Windows® based software.

Execution of various commands and input of ladder symbols can be easily performed using a mouse.

The features of LADDER EDITOR for Windows® help users program efficiently.


Menu bar

Almost all the commands required to operate LADDER EDITOR for Windows® can be selected from the pull-down menu. No command input from the keyboard is necessary.

Tool bar

Icons are prepared for such commands than are often used as open, save, cut, paste, etc.Just click to execute a command.

Symbol bar

Ladder symbols can be input by selectiong one from the symbol bar and entering the necessary information, such as I/O number.