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Useful functions for small automation process

Point1. High performance in a small size

High performance in a small size

12-bit analog Input / Output (23-point type)

23-point type has 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output as standard. This feature makes it possible for 23-point type to be connected directly with various sensors and actuators without adding any analog input /output modules. Either voltage or current can be selected at each point. 10-point type (EH-D10DRA) has 1 analog input (8-bit) as standard.

Input / Output

[Input: 0-10V or 0-20mA, Output: 0-10V or 0-20mA]

  • This feature can be applied to a pump system for reservoirs using water level sensors.

Two built-in potentiometers for easy set-up
(except for 10-point and 20/40/64-point type)

Timer constant value can be easily changed using these potentiometers even if you do not have a programming device. Values set by the potentiometers are always reflected in the special internal output. Smoothing is possible for these values.


[The value of the potentiometer 1 and 2 are stored in WRF03E and WRF03F respectively.] [Smoothing: to average the value that varies with time by dividing the specified value.] [The timer value must be set by a variable in advance.]

  • With these potentiometers, operation interval can be tuned easily.

Built-in high-speed counter

A high-speed counter is provided as standard eliminating the need for an additional counter module for high-speed applications. 14/23/28-point type with DC input can count up to 1-phase 4 channels.

14/23/28-point type Max. 10kHz
20/40/64-point type Max. 100kHz

high-speed counter 1

high-speed counter 2

Select one mode from:

  • 1-ph 4 ch, 2-ph 2 ch, or 2-ph 1 ch + 1-ph 2ch [20/40/64-point]
  • 1-ph 4 ch, 1-ph 2 ch, or 2-ph 1 ch + 1-ph 1ch [14-/23-/28-point]
  • 1-ph 3 ch, 1-ph 2 ch, or 2-ph 1 ch [10-point]

By taking input directly from an external encoder, the position of the object being controlled can be detected.

[The functions that can be used (pulse train, PWM, interruption input, etc.) vary in each mode.]

  • This feature can be applied to the detection of the position of objects on various assembly, processing, and testing lines.

PWM and pulse train output (MICRO-EH with DC output)

PWM output is provided as standard.

  • Temperature control and light brightness control are possible by modulating the pulse width.

    10/14/23/28-point up to 2kHz
    20/40/64-point up to 65kHz

Pulsetrain output is also provided as standard.

PWM and pulse train output

  • Simple positioning control, fine tuning of conveyor's moving distance, etc. are possible by pulse train output with acceleration/deceleration function.

    10/14/23/28-point Max. 5kHz
    20/40/64-point Max. 65kHz

Maximum 176 I/O points

(64-point type x1 + 28-point expansion unit x4)
Up to 4 expansion units can be connected.
(except for 10-point type)
Cable length is up to 2 meters in total.

I/O points

Flash memory for storing user programs

To protect valuable programs from being erased during power failure, the MICRO-EH contains flash memory for storing user programs.

Built-in real-time clock for event scheduling (20/23/28/40/64-point type)

A real-time clock is provided as standard
(20/23/28/40/64-point type) for event scheduling.

Battery for data memory back-up (23/28/64-point type)

An optional battery is mountable for data memory back-up.

Digital filter

Filtering delay time can be adjusted to eliminate chattering. It can be set between 0 and 20 ms in units of 0.5 ms.

Power supply for sensors
(14/20/23/28/40/64-point type and 14/28-point expansion unit)

The 24V terminal at the input terminal block can supply current to external equipment.

[The functions that can be used (pulse train, PWM, interruption input, etc.) vary in each mode.]


10-point type

10-point type

14-point type, 8/16-point expansion unit, Analog Expansion unit

14-point type, 8/16-point expansion unit, Analog Expansion unit

23/28-point type

23-28-point type

64-point type

64-point type


High speed counter, Pulse train output and PWM output of MICRO-EH

MICRO-EH can perform easily simple positioning control by Pulse train output, and speed control by the PWM output.

Simple positioning control

With DC(transistor)output type, a pulse train output is possible. MICRO-EH can perform positioning control of a stepping motor etc. by combining a High-speed counter input and a pulse train output.

Simple positioning control

Speed control

With using PWM output function, MICRO-EH can perform speed control of DC motor instead of conventional control by the analog output.

Speed control

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