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Package Bebicon (Oil-flooded)

Model Nomenclature


Oil Lubricated Package Bebicon : The Oil lubricated Package Bebicon compressor comes with an enclosed cabinet to reduce the noise level generated during operation. This compressor is a heavy duty piston compressor, designed to operate long hours. Suitable for manufacturing industries, automotive service workshop, spray painting and pneumatic tools.


The new Next series models (oil lubricated) are equipped with an energy saving control design (ECOMODE) to save energy.


This monitors the air consumption and automatically adjusts the cut-out pressure for energy saving.

Suction type drain piping

This new and improved design prevents rust from gathering at the drain pipe.

Maintenance Interval Improvement

An improved design enables an extended maintenance interval from 8,000hrs to 10,000hrs.

Smaller Foot print Space

The installation space is 2% smaller than our previous models.

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