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Hitachi Oil-Flooded Screw Air Compressor DSP NextII Series

Model Nomenclature


Class Zero ISO 857301

Hitachi oil-free screw compressors offer oil-free air at "Class 0" ( ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0 TÜV Certification ). It caters to different industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. With the NEXTII Series adding to the already impressive Oil-free product range, Hitachi continues to satisfy the needs of every customer.


Multi-Function Touch Screen Panel

Significant improvement of user-friendly with various functions available:
IT Communication functions with

  • Modbus/RTU Communication
  • Web Server Function via Bluetooth
  • USB Flash Memory Possible for Data Logging

PQ Wide Mode

This option enables compressors to compress air at a greater capacity at a lower discharge pressure. Applies to the Vplus models.


It monitors the air consumption and automatically adjusts the cut-out pressure for energy saving. This function applies to the standard, fixed speed models.

Higher Ambient Temperature

Standard Up to 45ºC for our NEXTII Series models. Operation is possible under 50 ºC

OMR, Solenoid Drain Valve & MIV

NEXTII Series models are equipped with Oil Mist Removal ( OMR ), Solenoid Drain Valve MIV (Motorize Isolation Valve) at discharge standard figures.

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