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Hitachi in Singapore

[image] Workshop &  Students' Recommendations1

After a unique opportunity to have stimulating interaction with distinguished speakers from the region, the young leaders entered three days of workshop sessions on each sub-theme, vigorously discussing, exchanging, and sharing their ideas into the night.

[image] Workshop &  Students' Recommendations2

As a result of the debate and discussions during the workshop sessions, the HYLI students presented their sub-theme recommendations (the summary and details shown below) to the local and regional media during the press conference. The press conference served as a good platform for them to articulate their perspectives on the HYLI themes and to interact with the media directly.

[image] Workshop &  Students' Recommendations1

Finally, the discussions from the forums and the students' workshops were summarized in the form of a white paper that is presented to regional governments, academics and the private sector. The initiative gained substantial media coverage in Asian countries, highlighting the importance of nurturing youth leadership for Asia's future...

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