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Hitachi in Singapore

[image] Community Work1

Leadership in service to the community has always been an integral part of the HYLI. For the 6th HYLI, the participants were given the opportunity to work with CCD (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities). The objective of the Community Work Project is to put these young leaders through a true test of leadership, allowing them to develop awareness and sensitivity to the needs of other people around them, especially those of the less fortunate.

At the start of the Community Work Project, Khun Wasan Saenwian, Director of CCD, gave the HYLI students a talk, allowing them to better understand the CCD members and the work of CCD. Upon arrival at the Rachawadee Girls Home, a day care centre operated by CCD, two HYLI students 'Buddied' each CCD member and played ice-breaker games to establish friendship and rapport. The HYLI students were also taught how to make pottery and hanging mobiles by local instructors so as to prepare them for the activities on Day two at Ko Kret (Island).

[image] Community Work2

As the CCD children do not have many opportunities to interact with people outside of their organisation, the HYLI students took up the challenge of interacting and making a personal connection with them while taking them on a special outing to Ko Kret.

[image] Community Work3

Working together in groups of three, the HYLI students taught their CCD buddies how to make pottery and hanging mobiles. The challenge for the HYLI students was to ensure that their CCD buddies had both an educational and yet enjoyable afternoon at Ko Kret.
The Community Work Project culminated with a mini concert finale, where each of the six HYLI countries performed a song or dance to bring cheer to their CCD buddies. It was evident that the CCD buddies were enjoying their day out as they sang along with the HYLI students and enjoyed having their photos taken with their pottery and hanging mobiles.

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