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Hitachi in Singapore

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In order to change the environment from internal discussion to external practice experience, Hitachi arranged a hands-on joint work program for the 24 young leaders. In cooperation with the Child Labor Club (CLC), a NGO under the Foundation for Child Development supported by UNICEF. The young leaders broadened the horizons of their social responsibilities to the community by working closely with members of the Child Labor Club and students from a local primary school, as part of a community service and cultural exchange program.

After introductions to CLC members and children from the Pianpin Anusorn primary school, the 24 Young Leaders were put to the task of leading the community service program. Activities included building a play shelter, noticeboards, producing Thai dye cloth and planting much - needed shrubbery and flowers.

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The Young Leaders also gave impromptu performances for the benefit of the children, to the children's delight. Hitachi also put on a Ninja display, showing their watermelon cutting prowess - blindfolded!

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