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Hitachi to Study and Design BCA’s Green Buildings Innovation Cluster – National Building Energy Efficiency Repository Project (PDF Type, 59 kByte)

September 20, 2016

Hitachi to Study and Design BCA’s Green Buildings Innovation Cluster – National Building Energy Efficiency Repository Project

Singapore, 20 September 2016 – Hitachi Asia Ltd. today announced that it has recently received an order from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore, to study and design the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster – National Building Energy Efficiency Repository Project (GBIC-Repository).

Increasing energy efficiency has become a primary concern in present day. As a result, the Singapore government has initiated plans to roll out a national repository platform to empower Singapore built environment practitioners (such as building owners and policy makers) to gain adequate insights to support the development and adoption of energy efficient building technologies, by fusing various data sources and existing data repositories. An example is the GBIC-Repository – one of the three key activities under GBIC*1. It aims to collect, analyse and facilitate the exchange of data and information on energy efficiency for buildings.

Under the contract, Hitachi Asia will conduct an in-depth, comprehensive requirement study involving six different users groups, and design a robust analytics platform for the GBIC-Repository. The six groups of users are: policy makers, building owners and developers, researchers and academics, technology providers, consultants and contractors, and others (e.g. general public). Specifically, the system designed by Hitachi Asia will gather (1) real-time data on energy performance and building parameters from GBIC-R&D and GBIC-Demo projects, (2) performance data of promising energy efficient technologies from technology providers, and (3) information and energy consumption data of buildings and their energy systems, such as those from Green Mark buildings.

With the data collected, Hitachi Asia will provide advanced data analytics, information sharing, and decision-making platform. The system will facilitate the end users to benchmark building performance, develop and adopt energy efficient building technologies. It will provide greater insights to enable BCA to make better green building policies and contribute to BCA achieving the target of having at least 80% of the buildings in Singapore to be green by 2030.

“The proposed solution from Hitachi Asia utilises skills and knowledge in both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), which play a crucial role in Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business. Our IT experts have strong experience in building energy efficiency data analytics platforms and industry matter experts in green building technology industry. We will apply the best technologies to deliver the best possible solution to BCA, to maximise the capability of GBIC-Repository as we move towards a more energy efficient Singapore,” said Hirohiko Morisaki, Managing Director of Hitachi Asia Ltd.

“The GBIC-Repository will be an abundant knowledge source and a valuable decision making support tool to benefit Singapore’s green building sector. Once successfully completed, we will have an interactive and adhesive e-Community who have access to shared data, which will present greater opportunities for collaborations to improve building energy efficiency,” said Mr Tan Tian Chong, Deputy Managing Director of Built Environment Research and Innovation Institute, BCA.

*1 Refer to BCA’s press release on GBIC for more information:

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