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Hitachi to Launch Full-Scale Smart Building Solution in Thailand (PDF Type, 240kByte)

March 22, 2022

Hitachi to Launch Full-Scale Smart Building Solution in Thailand

Adding Value to Buildings by Advanced Technology with IoT Platform

Conceptual diagram of Hitachi’s IoT platform for buildings (for illustrative purposes)

Bangkok, March 22, 2022 – Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Hitachi Elevator (Thailand)”), a joint venture company of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, “Hitachi”) and Siam Motors Group, which is a sole sales and service company of elevators and escalators in Thailand, today announced that it has launched a full-scale Smart Building Solution business for the first time in Thailand and Southeast Asia, aiming to provide value to buildings with Physical Security System and Digital Service for the New Normal utilizing Lumada* IoT Platform.

* Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.

Highlights of Hitachi Smart Building Solution
  1. Physical Security System

Biometrics such as facial authentication and QR Code identification allow safe and secure office environment for workers and visitors by helping reduce physical contact between persons to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow from the car park to the elevators through destination floors.

  1. Digital Service

A digital service in a smartphone application that allows building owners and managers to comprehensively monitor the various equipment of multiple buildings remotely while the building users are able to make a reservation for the facilities such as the common meeting room, co-working space, activities available in the buildings, or ordering food and beverages, and pay through the application.

Hitachi has launched the Smart Building Solution for office buildings and plans to expand the services to cover other types of buildings in the future such as condominiums, mixed-use buildings, hotels, and hospitals. The company will cooperate with building owners and managers to fine-tune the functions to suit each building.

Quotes from Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) Executives

“Human behavior has evolved in many ways. People have adapted their lifestyles to technologies such as online shopping, iBanking payments, digital communication, and building security. In response to this behavior and situation, Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) introduces Smart Building Solution to Thailand for the first time in Southeast Asia. This technology adds value to buildings as it allows the building owners to monitor multiple buildings in one system, and the building managers to control the building systems such as visitor management system or access control system while the workers or visitors of the buildings are able to use the facilities through a mobile application which is an advanced digital platform solution of Hitachi,” said Prakasit Pornprapa, Executive Director of Hitachi Elevator (Thailand). “This Smart Building Solution business is expected to synergize with the existing elevators and escalators business of the company. Although it is just being launched, the company has been studying the market and is confident that it will be the best smart solution for buildings as it covers elevators, physical security, and digital services. The demand for the Smart Building Solution is expected to grow in the market.”

Kitisorn Punnahitanonda, Managing Director of Hitachi Elevator (Thailand), said “Hitachi Smart Building Solution makes the building stand out among other buildings with a more advanced, effective and cost-saving building management system. The users of the buildings also enjoy the safety, reliability, and convenience. Hitachi has been providing cutting-edge solutions for smart cities and buildings over for a decade or more in several countries including Japan and saw success with increasing demand. It is expected to grow in the Southeast Asia market and that is why the company introduces Smart Building Solution to Thailand as the country has potential in many aspects as well as the biggest real estate market and technological demand in Southeast Asia.”

Seiichiro Ishizu, General Manager, Social Innovation Business of Hitachi Elevator (Thailand), added “Hitachi Group has more than 110 years of developing products and operational technologies (OT) expertise, and 60 years of IT expertise worldwide. With the expertise accumulated through years of experience, cooperation with customers and allies, we believe that it will be successful in working on innovative digital solutions with customers.”

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