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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Receives First Order from ThaiNamthip to Provide Sales Proceeds Management Service web (PDF Type, 263kByte)

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October 16, 2020

Hitachi Terminal Solutions Receives First Order from ThaiNamthip to Provide Sales Proceeds Management Service
Use of Digitalization to Significantly Increase Efficiency of Operations

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Bangkok, October 16, 2020 – Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. (“Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions”) today announced that its Thai subsidiary Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand)”) received an order for a sales management solution from ThaiNamthip Limited (“ThaiNamthip”), which is the manufacturer and distributor of Coca-Cola in Thailand. This is the first time that Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) will provide services and solutions to a consumer retail organization in Thailand.

Thailand’s beverage industry is experiencing an intensification of competition driven by market growth and improvement of the efficiency of operations has become one of the key challenges in remaining competitive. Physical cash management requires a particularly large amount of time to ensure the accuracy and security of operations, and this puts a strain on proceeds management operations. A lot of time and careful attention is required from adding up and checking huge amounts of sales proceeds collected daily from customers to storing these proceeds in safes.

ThaiNamthip adopted Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions’ sales management solution to manage sales revenue. The solution utilizes Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions’ strong software development capabilities, vast operational know-how in ATM management services as well as their experience in providing similar services to financial institutions.

Using a fee model, Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) will provide an end-to-end solution consisting of sales depositing machines which can process large amounts of notes at high speed, a system for adding up and managing proceeds through a Web API that is easily customizable, a service network covering the whole of Thailand and a specialist maintenance service. Adoption of this solution will significantly shorten the time required for depositing sales proceeds and it ensures that the proceeds are added up and delivered securely and reliably.

Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) is a leading company in the self-service terminal sales and services sector. It has installed around 80% of the total number of deposit ATMs in Thailand and provides maintenance services for more than 13,000 self-service terminals. In the future, Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) plans to market outstanding cash management and payment-related solutions not only in the financial services sector but also in the distribution sector of rapidly growing ASEAN countries to contribute to the development of the distribution sector.

Comments by Mr. Thana Bubphavanich, Senior Vice President (Finance) of ThaiNamthip Limited: ThaiNamthip is committed to “delivering freshness” and good quality drinks to our customers. Through Hitachi’s technology, we are glad to be able to go a step further in the digitalization of our processes and in turn, bring greater happiness to all our customers.

Comments by Mr. Keita Tada, Managing Director of Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: We are extremely honored to be awarded an outsourcing contract for sales proceeds management services and operations by ThaiNamthip. We will use our existing monitoring centers in Thailand and provide ThaiNamthip with an excellent service using our sophisticated note processing technology which has already been tried and tested at financial institutions in Thailand. It is not unusual for retailers in Thailand to manage cash proceeds manually and we believe the demand for services and solutions to manage such proceeds will increase. Leveraging the Hitachi Group’s wealth of experience and technologies in the financial services field, we will strive to expand our services to more retailers and continue contributing to the digitalization of industries in Thailand.

■ Note: “ThaiNamthip Limited” is the manufacturer and distributor of products of The Coca-Cola Company in Thailand such as Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Lite, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Minute Maid Splash, Minute Maid Pulpy and Namthip drinking water over 63 provinces across the country. Registered under the trademark of The Coca Cola Company, it is one of the Coca-Cola group’s business in Thailand, which includes ThaiNamthip Limited, Haad Thip Public Company Limited and Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited.

About Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand)

Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Thailand) was established in 2015 as a local corporation of Hitachi Omron Terminal Solutions, aiming to expand ATM business in Thailand. It has a business system, including solutions for improving the value of sales, maintenance services and ATMs, and is working to understand the diverse needs of financial institutions and solve their issues. Currently, the company is expanding sales of cash recycling ATMs and cash dispense ATMs, which are already being used in the country, as well as the maintenance service business through its support for over 10,000 ATMs, amongst other activities.

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