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Hitachi Systems Launches a Global Micro Data Center Model for Indoor Installation (PDF Type, 88 kByte)

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March 05, 2013

Hitachi Systems Launches a Global Micro Data Center Model for Indoor Installation

Tokyo, March 5, 2013 – Hitachi Systems, Ltd. (hereafter ‘Hitachi Systems’), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced the launch of a Global micro data center model for sale in Thailand through a local marketing partner. This container-type unit for providing customers with space and energy-efficient data center functions will also be launched for sale in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia starting April 2013.

The global micro data center model

In the rapidly developing economies of Southeast Asia, IT systems have expanded in size as companies continue to grow. At the same time, there has been a growing need in the region to make use of server rooms for consolidating the proliferation of servers and other IT equipment in an attempt to reduce electricity bills and maintenance costs, and to use space more effectively. At the opposite end, the time and cost involved in building a new server room, and the alternative of having to operate air conditioners around the clock to operate servers openly in the business office, has presented bottlenecks to the stable operation of IT systems in the region.

In response, Hitachi Systems developed a new micro data center model to address the IT environment and needs in Southeast Asia. Designed for indoor installation, the unit houses servers and other IT equipment together with air conditioning units and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) in a self-contained server rack. It requires no out of the ordinary construction work to install, and is designed to withstand external temperatures of 45°C to ensure the stable operation of IT systems in the hot and humid environments of Southeast Asia. Hitachi Systems will supply the new micro data center for a lower price than existing domestic models by assembling them locally to reduce manufacturing costs, and working in collaboration with Hitachi Transport System, Ltd., which is promoting smart logistics throughout the ASEAN nations, to ship them to customers in a safe and secure manner.

The micro data center units will offer customers dramatically lower installation and operating costs than if they were to build and operate a data center or server room of their own from the ground up. Moreover, the units can be easily moved and expanded as a company grows. Depending on the needs, the container units can also be installed alongside server integration services and virtualization systems, and operated in conjunction with remote monitoring and help desk services.

Looking ahead, Hitachi Systems is aiming for ¥1.0 billion in accumulative sales for the new micro data center by the end of March 2016. This will be achieved by marketing them to Japanese and local companies in Southeast Asia through agents such as NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.-a local subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation. The new micro data center is an integral part of “GNEXT,” a global IT service Hitachi Systems is strengthening as a core business line.

The new global micro data center is scheduled to be on exhibit at the ECO-PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2013 to be held at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from Thursday, March 14, through Saturday, March 16, 2013.

For details of the fair:

Product Overview
Redundant air conditioning Dual air conditioner units (9,000 BTU × 2) Dual air conditioner units (9,000 BTU × 2)
Operating environment (temperature) 5°C to 45°C
Refrigerant R407C (an environmentally responsive hydro fluorocarbon with no ozone depletion potential)
Cooling capacity Calorific power 3,000 W (at 35°C environmental temperature and 80% humidity)
Calorific power 1,000 W (at 45°C environmental temperature and 80% humidity)
Power supply Input voltage single-phase AC 220-240 V
Power consumption 1,045 W (when cooling)
Consumption current value Maximum 10 A (when cooling) (5 A per compressor × 2)
Start-up current value 32A
Drain water Nondraining air conditioner with drain water evaporation (equipped with an emergency backup drain water tank)
Safety mechanism Shut-off function when drain water tank is full, high compressor pressure and temperature shut-off functions
Unit size and weight 2030 mm × 800 mm × 1305 mm (H × W × D),
42U rack, weight 330 kg

Product Characteristics

(1) Cost reduction

  • Units require no outboard compressor, exhaust duct and drain water pipe construction work
  • The air conditioners installed behind the rack cool only the rack, eliminating the need for air conditioning entire rooms, and thus achieving high cooling efficiency.
  • The hermetically sealed rack reduces power consumption by efficiently cooling sections separated into hot and cool aisles.

(2) Efficient air circulation

  • Thermal sensors rigorously control temperature within the rack
  • Dedicated keys lock the front and back door of the container unit for security
  • The rack’s 42U installation capacity is backed by 9,000 BTU of cooling capacity (3,040 W at 35°C and 80% humidity)

(3) Easy installation

  • The turnkey container unit enables customers to start using it as a server room simply
    by plugging it in to a power socket.
  • Installation work takes no more than about 3 hours.


Prices are estimated individually (depending on the number and types of IT equipment
installed in the unit, and the region in which it is installed)

Sales Region
  • Thailand (starting today)
  • Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (scheduled to start from April 2013)

Container-Type Data Centers

Hitachi Systems cost effectively, flexibly and speedily provides customers with data center functions coupled with the option of operating and monitoring services, through a process that is as easy as selecting a suitable size from among standard, small, miniature and micro container types. This new micro data center is a micro model dedicated for use outside Japan. For details:

About Global IT Service “GNEXT”

“GNEXT” is a global IT service for customers that are considering developing business overseas or that are already overseas but looking to expand business. In addition to offering quality IT services of the level expected in Japan in terms of cloud computing services, network services, packaged solutions and operations services, “GNEXT” provides specialist services in collaboration with a consortium of partner companies (consultants, law offices and accounting firms, etc.), to help customers advance or expand overseas. For details:

Business Development of Hitachi Systems in Southeast Asia

Hitachi Systems is marketing its “GNEXT” global IT service in partnership with Hitachi Asia Ltd., based in Singapore, and other Hitachi Group business strongholds throughout Southeast Asia. In addition, the Company started in 2010 to market its “Caliver” cloud computing services in partnership with Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

For details of Caliver:
For customer inquiries contact:

*GNEXT is the generic name (service brand) for the global IT service provided by Hitachi Systems.
*Caliver is a registered trademark of Hitachi Systems.
* Other company names and product names are the registered trademarks and/or trademarks of the respective companies.

About Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Hitachi Systems, Ltd. is an IT services company with strengths in high-quality operations and maintenance services. Hitachi Systems works closely with customers through a network of roughly 300 service sites and contact centers across Japan, through which it offers a wide range of business system design and integration services, and outsourcing services that take advantage of its robust data center infrastructure. A leader since the dawn of the IT era in Japan, Hitachi Systems leverages a track record and expertise in IT services to offer one-stop services covering the entire IT life cycle—from system consulting to integration, installation, operation and maintenance. Hitachi Systems also pushes beyond the boundaries of IT to create new value for customers, with the aim of becoming a global service company to which customers can entrust any operation.
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About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 320,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2011 (ended March 31, 2012) consolidated revenues totalled 9,665 billion yen ($117.8 billion). Hitachi is focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, which includes information and telecommunication systems, power systems, industrial, transportation and urban development systems, as well as the sophisticated materials and key devices that support them. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company’s website at


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