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Hitachi Systems Conducts Data Center Training in Tokyo for Myanmar IT Engineers (PDF Type, 429 kByte)

February 13, 2013

Hitachi Systems Conducts Data Center Training in Tokyo for Myanmar IT Engineers

Contribute to the Development of Myanmar’s IT Infrastructure

Tokyo, February 13, 2013 – Hitachi Systems, Ltd. (hereafter ‘Hitachi Systems’), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced that it had provided IT engineers from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar with training on data center technology held in and around Tokyo from February 4 to 8, 2013.

The training program aims to provide the Myanmar IT engineers with thorough understanding and discovery of the superb technologies, products, services and facilities utilized in Japan, and to contribute to the development of IT infrastructure in Myanmar. Part of the curriculum is a tour to data center facilities in and around Tokyo.

“It was our pleasure to host the IT engineers from Myanmar, and help them to learn various state-of-the-art IT technologies and related expertise of the Hitachi Group and Japan,” said Masato Saito, Executive Officer, Hitachi Systems. “We sincerely hope that this training will accelerate the development of Myanmar’s IT infrastructure significantly supporting the country’s economic growth. Moreover, we wish it brings friendly relationship between our two countries.”

Every industry sector including the government, telecommunications, finance, education and tourism are expected to drive the high economic growth in Myanmar. The anticipated increase in the country’s business activity will also see the rapid rise of demand for IT. Part of the IT infrastructure to support economic growth is the need for the construction and operation of data centers in Myanmar.

As one of the core companies in the Hitachi Group’s Information & Telecommunication System business, Hitachi Systems provides customers in any size a broad range of products and solutions as one-stop services covering the entire IT lifecycle process. The company excels in outsourcing services that take advantage of robust data centers, and one-stop services for data centers covering from design, construction and installation of data centers, to its management and monitoring, inspection and maintenance of the facilities.

Hitachi Systems is also actively involved in nurturing IT engineers. This includes conducting lectures that are open to the public and is held at Japanese universities with a view to contributing to the advancement of IT in the society. In 2011, IT engineers in Malaysia has also benefited from the training on data center technology.

The training of the Myanmar engineers was one of the programs the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry operates, and was conducted by the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (hereafter, ‘HIDA’) cooperated with Hitachi Systems. HIDA, a foundation for human resource development, promotes technological cooperation by mainly dispatching expert instructors and training industrial workers in developing countries.

The course for the Myanmar engineers includes a tour of the Hitachi Group’s robust data center facilities, training in IT operation services, and an introduction to various state-of-the-art products. With this program, Hitachi Systems believes that it will greatly contribute to the development of the IT infrastructure in Myanmar by providing them with  training related to the superb data center facilities and operating technologies of Japanese companies.

In the future, Hitachi Group including Hitachi Systems will contribute to the mutual economic development of Myanmar and Japan by continuing to provide human resource training programs and developing the social infrastructure business.

Pictures of the Training

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