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Hitachi Supplies Revolutionary SecureVein Biometrics System to Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Singapore Branch (PDF Type, 28 kByte)

October 7, 2005

Hitachi Supplies Revolutionary SecureVein Biometrics System to Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Singapore Branch

First bank in Singapore to use sophisticated security access system

Hitachi Asia Ltd. (Hitachi) today announced it will supply 24 units of SecureVein door access control systems to Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Singapore Branch (Mizuho Singapore). SecureVein is a biometrics system that uses a person’s finger vein pattern for identification and authentication, and manufactured by Hitachi Engineering Co. Ltd.

“Mizuho Singapore’s decision to use Hitachi’s outstanding SecureVein biometrics system demonstrates the growing demand for biometric applications in corporations. We are excited about the opportunity to bring Hitachi’s proven technology to meet the internal security needs of Mizuho Singapore,” said Mr Naotoshi Nishida, Senior Regional Sales Manager.

Hitachi’s patented SecureVein attesting technology is one of the most advanced biometric identification technologies. The technology makes use of a person’s unique finger vein pattern to identify and authenticate the user. Access to the user is given when the scanned live finger vein pattern matches the finger vein pattern stored in the system’s database. It has been proven to be highly accurate, reliable, user-friendly, hygienic and durable.

Current biometrics technology applies behavioural traits like fingerprint, iris, or voice recognition to identify the authenticity of a person. However, these traits are susceptible to forgery since they rely on external physical characteristics that can be acquired or imitated easily.

Hitachi’s SecureVein biometrics system can also be used for customising applications to suit various operations for a seamless automation process. For example, the system can be linked to a company’s computer networks so that staff data can be collected and processed automatically.

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