The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum (HSIF) 2018 BANGKOK was held at The Athenee Hotel on 23 February 2018.

Through a hosted seminar and exhibition on Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business achievements across global markets, guests were able to explore the company’s current and upcoming co-creation efforts with stakeholders, as part of efforts in advancing towards Thailand’s digital transformation. This included a highlight of Hitachi’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, dubbed “Lumada”.

Through a series of speeches and presentations delivered by industry experts and Hitachi executives (listed below in order of the programme flow), guests were able to better understand how Hitachi can value-add towards Thailand’s growth, as well as its existing businesses in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as IoT.

  1. Mr. Kosuke Horiuchi, Managing Director, Hitachi Asia Ltd.
  2. Dr. Pansak Siriruchatapong, Vice Minister for Digital Economy and Society
  3. Mr. Pichart Angchanpen, Director, SCG Mechanization Automation and Robotics and Industry 4.0, SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd
  4. Mr. Anthony Arundell, Director – Sustainability, Smart City, CUP and Estate Management, Frasers Property Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  5. Mr. Jun Abe, Corporate Officer & Senior General Manager, Control System Platform Division, Services & Platforms Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.
  6. Mr. Koji Tomita, Deputy Managing Director, Hitachi Asia Ltd.
  7. Mr. Yasuo Mizutani, Managing Director, Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Through the event, guests were able to expand their understanding on both growth opportunities and challenges in Thailand in the country’s collective digital transformation. The event explored the co-creation of digital solutions, through a showcase of initiatives that have successfully applied “Lumada” in various sectors not limited to smart logistics, factories, energy, security, public and government domains across Southeast Asia. Notably, guests were able to hear firsthand on the implementation phases of “Lumada” in Thailand. A dinner reception to conclude the event provided attendees with an occasion to interact and network, facilitating fruitful discussions amongst key opinion leaders in the Thailand market.

Hitachi’s key technologies and strengths in the Social Innovation Business were highlighted through a range of exhibits. Some of the key business fields showcased include urban development, security, infrastructure and healthcare.

Following HSIF’s first successful inception in Thailand in August 2016, this marks the HSIF’s second ingress of its event showcase in Bangkok. Through this event, over 430 guests had the chance to develop a better understanding of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business and Hitachi’s continued endeavour in supporting Thailand’s national push towards Thailand 4.0.