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Hitachi Asia Names Takuya Yamakawa President Director of PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia (PDF Type, 52 kByte)

Hitachi Asia Menunjuk Takuya Yamakawa sebagai Presiden Direktur PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia (PDF Type, 51 kByte)

March 11, 2014

Hitachi Asia Names Takuya Yamakawa President Director of PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 11, 2014 — Hitachi Asia Ltd. today announced the appointment of Mr. Takuya Yamakawa as President Director of PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia with responsibility to grow the operations and to expand Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business in Indonesia.

Mr. Yamakawa, formerly Department Manager, Global Sales & Marketing Department 2, Rail Systems Company at Hitachi, Ltd., succeeds Mr. Hiroyuki Yagi who is returning to Japan as General Manager, Global Sales Operations Division, Power Systems Sales Management Division, Power Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.

Both appointments will be effective April 1, 2014.

“Indonesia is a high promising market in Southeast Asia and it offers many business opportunities in providing Hitachi’s social infrastructure products and solutions,” said Mr. Yamakawa. “We remain committed to the Indonesian market and as shown in the Hitachi Group Vision Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire this region.”

Mr. Yamakawa has many years of global business experience as he worked outside of Japan half of his professional career and Indonesia will be his fourth country assignment outside Japan. He started his career with Hitachi, Ltd. in 1986 following his graduation from Hitotsubashi University’s Faculty of Sociology.

In 1994, he moved to Hitachi Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch as Marketing Manager to establish the HDD business in Taiwan. In 2000, he was appointed Manager, HDD Sales Department, IT Computer Sales Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

Mr. Yamakawa was later assigned in 2003 to the United States as Senior Manager of Business Line Management at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. In 2008, he returned to Japan to become Director, Sales Division, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. In 2009, he was appointed General Manager, Railway International Sales Division, Social Infrastructure Systems Group, Hitachi, Ltd. He has been instrumental in promoting Hitachi’s global railway business especially in Asia.

About Hitachi Asia Ltd.

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