Hitachi was invited to partner CNN, who was celebrating the launch of its first local channel in Indonesia, on a sponsorship with the aim of extending Hitachi’s brand awareness and credibility across ASEAN. This collaboration provided a platform for credible communication and networking opportunities for key stakeholders in Indonesia.

The sponsored programme of “Future Cities” series is a one-week television programme that runs as a five-minute segment in the prime time news, and provides an inside look at how urban living has changed in the modern era. The topics feature major segments of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business namely transportation, renewable energy solutions, water and infrastructure.

The sponsored series was Hitachi’s first attempt to influence the programme content for better receptivity. Each segment was also complemented with the corresponding version of Hitachi’s Global Brand Campaign (GBC) television commercials, which aims to promote Hitachi as a leading Social Innovation provider.

Key stakeholders from the infrastructure industry and ministers from the government sector were identified by both Hitachi and CNN and invited as guests to the on-ground event which took place on 25 September 2014 at the TransMedia Building in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the event, a panel discussion was held with reputable speakers from both private and public sectors, including Mr Rizar Indomo (Investment Cooperation) and Mr Bambang Susantono (Vice Minister of Transport). Mr Takuya Yamakawa, President Director of PT Hitachi Asia Indonesia, ended off the event with a closing address.

The event was attended by a total of 106 participants, consisting mainly of top business leaders in Indonesia. In essence, the media collaboration with CNN reinforced Hitachi’s standing on Social Innovation Business, and demonstrated our commitment to building a better tomorrow through advanced technology and infrastructure.