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Digital Systems & Services
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Business & ICT/IoT Solutions Integration

Hitachi ICT-Solutions
(Business Application Solutions, Smart Solutions for the Smart Business, ICT Infrastructure Solutions, IT Operations Management (ITOM), and Systems Management Solutions)

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems 
(Security Operation Centre (SOC))

Cloud Storage and Data Management

Hitachi Vantara
(Primary Block Storage, File and Object Storage - Object Storage Solutions, Storage as a Service, Software Defined Storage)

Mission-Critical Financial Solutions

Hitachi eBworx
(Transaction banking, Credit Management, Retail Touchpoint, Digital Insurance, Microservices, API-First and DevOps)

Systems Management Solutions

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems
(NC Brain, AICAM, Actify Spinfire, CADdoctor, Ultimaker)

Data Analytics

Hitachi Solutions
(Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Industry-specific Applications and Accelerators)

Next Generation Financial Services

Hitachi Financial Institution Business Unit
(AI Technology / Prediction of Rare Cases, Risk Simulator, Digital Advisor Platform)

Green Energy & Mobility
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Railway Systems

Hitachi Rail 
(Operation, service & maintenance, Rolling Stocks Solutions, Digital Signalling & Systems)

Power Grid and Energy

Hitachi Energy 
(High Voltage Switchgear & Breakers, Transformers, Substation Automation, Protection & Control)

Solar Energy Applications

Hitachi Energy 
(Solar Power)

Intelligent Grid Management

Hitachi Energy
(Grid Edge Solutions, Energy Storage)


Hitachi Solutions
(Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Industry-specific Applications and Accelerators)

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)

Hitachi Energy
(HVDC (high-voltage direct current))

Hitachi Soe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd

Connective Industries
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Building Systems

Hitachi - Elevators, Escalators
(Elevators, Escalator & Moving Side Walk)


Hitachi - Healthcare

Industrial Equipment

Hitachi Industrial Components & Equipment
(Air Compressors, Electric Hoist, Electric Motor, Ink-Jet Printer, Inverters, Programmable Logic Controllers, Pumps)

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd.
(Potable Water, Wastewater Treatment, Customised Solution, RO Desalination System, Lifestyle & Recreation, waterSAVE)

Semiconductor Solutions

Hitachi High-Tech in Singapore
(Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Spectrophotometers, Electron Microscopes)

Robotic SI

JR Automation
(Robotics Integration)

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