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Three days to the North Pole (PDF Type, 26 kByte)

May 03, 2002

Three days to the North Pole
Hitachi Extreme North Expedition

Media Advisory

Adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow braved a raging blizzard and is currently just three days away from reaching the North Pole.

The Hitachi Extreme North Expedition team trekked in extremely bad weather conditions on Day 41 (May 2, 2002), and have only 66km to go to their target.

Khoo said: “A blizzard hit us yesterday but we soldiered on anyway. If everything goes well, we’ll reach the North Pole in three days.”

“It’s very exciting as we’re getting really close now and we just want to keep going!” The blizzard has since cleared up and warmer temperatures of -14°C will allow the team to advance comfortably.

“Now it feels just like we’re approaching the summit of a mountain. It’s the final stretch and the team is hyped up,” said an excited Khoo.

“If the weather holds up and we don’t run into too many leads, we’ll be right on target.”

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