With strong endorsement from the Malaysian Government, the International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference (IGEM) has been Malaysia’s leading event for Green Technology since 2010. This year, IGEM 2015 was held from 9-12 September 2015 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia with the theme of “Powering the Green Economy”.

Through this event, Hitachi aimed to provide a platform for key drivers within the Malaysian Government’s Green Technology mandate, and networking opportunities with Malaysian Government Organisations, potential and existing customers and stakeholders.

In particular, Hitachi hoped to introduce its operation in Malaysia including the Global Business Campaign, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort, concept of Smart City, as well as detailed technology and product introduction by panels. Hence, Hitachi’s focus this year was a comprehensive suite of energy saving solutions for Green Buildings. The Green Building section was one of five categories namely, Green Energy, Green Transport, Green Building, Solid Waste Technology and Management, and Clean Water Technology and Management.

Under the fresh new look of booth design inspired by origami (Japanese paper craft) and its futuristic prism geometrical design, the Hitachi booth at IGEM 2015 was a visual presentation of a Green Building. The 120 square metre Hitachi booth showcased Hitachi’s business contribution and products to achieve the Smart City, sustainable buildings and ultimately a sustainable society. Products and solutions on exhibit included Hitachi’s Energy and Environmental Solutions, Smart City, Optical Archiving Library, Energy Saving Elevator Technologies, High Speed Elevator, Green Drive Solution, and Home Appliances among others.

For the fourth consecutive year, Hitachi won the “Best Booth Design” out of about 170 booths! This is truly an outstanding achievement as it successfully showcased Hitachi’s presence, innovations and commitment toward the eco-consciousness in the market.