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Sharing files electronically both across the organization and with internal and external stakeholders is part and parcel of the digital age. With more documents being shared and files increasingly becoming larger, there is a greater need to share them swiftly and securely. While expediting productivity and improving collaboration, the act of sending and receiving electronic documents leaves organizations vulnerable to information theft and potential data breaches. Ensuring that large files can be sent easily, quickly, encrypted, and only to authorized individuals is crucial for organizations. JP1 is the solution that organizations can depend on for large amounts of data to be sent over the Internet swiftly and securely.

dh multiplexing

Send Large Files Swiftly

Through division multiplexing, JP1 breaks down large files into smaller files for simultaneous and faster uploading. The small files are then be pieced together when downloaded. Such a process ensures that large files can be sent quickly, and if the file transfer process is disrupted, uploaded content does not need to be reuploaded again. JP1 utilizes Internet connections and browsers, reducing the installation cost of hardware, software, and dedicated lines. Data sent over Internet connections are also via HTTPS, ensuring secure file transfers. This allows organizations to send and receive files across multiple locations swiftly.

Server Performance alarm triggered

Ensure Information Security

JP1 enables senders of files to set parameters when sending files. Such parameters include specifying recipients to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not access files. Each file transfer can also be routed to an approver before sending the file for greater security. In addition, file expiry dates can be set to ensure that files uploaded are removed upon expiry. These settings help safeguard the organization by ensuring that sensitive and confidential information, such as strategies, plans, and designs, is only received and viewed by authorized individuals.

dh logfiles

Managed Logs files

Logs related to each file transfer like information about the sending time, sender and recipients of data transfers are also retained for accountability and monitoring.

JP1 Model

JP1 is compelling for organizations to send files securely and swiftly. It is also essential to understand the significance of JP1's support model, where the 10-year warranty ensures constant customer support for peace of mind. Future updated versions of JP1 will also remain compatible with older versions. Should the organization need to upgrade to newer versions in the future, this can be done progressively, which is useful for resource and budget planning.


Support various systems with different versions and upgrade them in different phases with ease


A minimum of 10 years support


Local consultant with Professional support team from Japan

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

languages support

Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese

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