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Case Studies

Hitachi JP1 Case Study

Manila Water Company, Inc

Operation Issues

Manila Water needed a solution that centralized the management of their different application systems in order to deliver quality service to their customers. At the time, they were running a number of mission critical applications including SAP/R3 to control their customer management system.


JP1 Job Management with SAP/R3 Linkage
Manila Water deployed JP1 Job Management and Application Management for SAP R3 to integrate critical SAP R/3 jobs across HP UX and NT servers. Uniting the powerful SAP R/3 application with an additional linkage component, JP1 integrates tedious routine R/3 job tasks, streamline the business operation and enhances the overall productivity without investing extra customer resources in learning the software.

JP1 Automatic Job Management succeeded in helping management system operations become much easier and cost effective for Manila Water.

With full SAP R/3 support, an easy-to-use GUI and the flexibility to buy any combination of modules, Hitachi's JP1 Version 6i was the simplest solution for Manila Water.

The Benefits

  • Jobs Automation
    JP1 Automatic Job Management enable Manila Water to automatically submit, monitor, and manage all these jobs using predefined scheduling criteria. This enables the effective execution of hundred of batch jobs with complex preconditions across the network. JP1 Application Management for SAP R3 enables closer integration of SAP R3 operations with other applications on other servers.

  • User friendly and effective GUI
    In addition, JP1 provides an intuitive way to check job status, using color symbol to indicate actual status. When an error occurs during a sequence of batch-processing tasks, it is normally a time-consuming process to identify the source of the error. In contrast, the display generated by JP1 quickly tells you where the problem is located.

  • Improved operations
    JP1 is contributing to labor savings and stability in the operation of a global system. The system JP1 provides flexibility to changes and CUSTOMER already has achieved rapid development and the round-the-clock, non-stop operation of a system that supports the company's global management needs for speed and prioritization.

What Customer Is Saying

"In order to effectively manage our IT assets deployed in multiple locations across our network, we implemented the HITACHI JP1 software suite. In doing this, we foresee that we will be able to refocus our human resources to even higher value tasks. The continuing teamwork of First Datacorp and Hitachi in implementing the solution was key to our success."

Mr. Geodino V. Carpio
Chief Information Officer for Manila Water