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Hitachi in Singapore

[image] Community Work1

The community work project put the HYLI student ambassadors through a true test of leadership - leading in service to the community. At the 7th HYLI, the challenge faced by the 24 students was to work with youngsters from the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) selected from around the country.

To lay the foundation for communications prior to meeting the MFD youth, the HYLI delegates first learnt about deaf culture and took sign language lessons from Encik Mohamad Sazali Shaari, Executive Director of the MFD. The young leaders then spent an afternoon at the National Council of Welfare & Social Development getting to know one another by playing ice-breaker games.

[image] Community Work2

Zoologists from Zoo Negara also provided insights into the impact of human actions on animals and the environment, and highlighted the importance of protecting endangered species in Asia.

Armed with knowledge on the relevant issues and communications skills, the young leaders embarked on an enriching journey in Zoo Negara in six different teams. They learnt about different endangered animals and saw the zoo from behind the scenes including a visit to the restricted zoo hospital.

[image] Community Work3

The one-and-a-half day community work activity culminated in a mini performance finale called "The Earth Story". Each team brainstormed to creatively produce one of six scenes that formed a seamless story. Each team overcame time constraints and communications barriers to develop innovative costumes and props and an interesting and engaging presentation.

[image] Community Work4

The creative performances of "The Earth Story" not only exemplified the young participants' joint leadership and team spirit, but also brought fun and laughter to end their rewarding journey on a high note.

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