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Hitachi in Singapore

After the two-day forum, the students made considerable recommendations in several areas. The key points in each area were:

[image] Key Points of Recommendations

Economic Recommendations

We envision an Asian grouping that will strengthen the competitive industries of its member countries through standardized economic policies, thus enabling the region to attain a strong position in the global village Economic fundamentals include

  • Strong control mechanisms
  • Reduction of current account deficits
  • Approach balanced budgets
  • Shift of different target industries
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Cultural Recommendations

While it is inevitable that state policies have an impact upon the evolution of culture, we see this as undesirable. We recommend that the state act as a facilitator of these points:

  • Provide support to non-mainstream groups
  • Provide education on diverse cultures
  • Provide incentives for the private sector to support cultural activities
  • Endorse an equal awareness of both Asian and Western cultures
  • Create literacy among the mass media

Social Responsibility Recommendations

The emergence of Asia has heightened its crucial role in undertaking certain social responsibilities as an international player. In its course of development, Asia has adopted the concept of sustainable development.

  • The importance of conserving the region's resources and protecting the environment is an essential part of development.
  • Degradation of Asia's environment has far-reaching implications not only for the region, but for the world.

Urban poverty in fast-developing Asia is also a primary concern, in addition to crime, inadequate housing, the denial of human rights and insufficient health care.

  • If not addressed, these problems will exacerbate and toward development.
  • The additional possibility of fragmentation of values indicates an imperative need to tackle this problem.
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