The annual Christmas Light-Up (CLU) @ Orchard 2011 returned for the 28th year in 2011, transforming Orchard Road into a splendid garden of flowers blooming in the tropics from 19 November 2011 to 2 January 2012.

Awarded the Top 10 Frommers World’s Best Holiday Lights in 2010, Orchard Road came back with a new theme – Christmas Blooms in Singapore. The theme for this year’s Christmas Light-up celebrated Singapore’s famous identity as a Garden City. Visitors walking down the streets of Orchard Road would be greeted by thousands of glowing blue flowers. Each flower was composed of five little hearts which symbolised the heart-warming wishes of the Yuletide season, bringing love, goodwill and cheer to all.

The theme colour, Blue is a universal symbol of peace and harmony. It is elegant, eye-pleasing, and adds irresistible draw to the festivities. The stately main gateway featured six statuesque trees adorned with a myriad of flowers and from which the vines extended, to one and all, a warm welcome to Orchard Road – A Great Street.

The entire CLU zone extended 2.2km from Tanglin Road to Scotts Road and Orchard Road. The street decoration (which included over-street, tree and pedestrian level public space lighting) converted the street to one that held visitors spellbound, immersing them in a wonderland of sheer beauty. Having Orchard Road glowing softly with blue lights, it touched up Singapore’s Christmas celebrations with a beautifully enchanting atmosphere.